I asked my class this semester what writing strategies they found useful this semester. here are their replies.

What particular writing techniques and strategies have you found most useful this semester?

  • Creating a storyboard because it helps keep my essay size and shape balanced.
  • Checking for conciseness because it makes the overall essay clearer and stringer.
  • Brainstorming in the form of a list as a really rough outline, letting my thoughts form on paper.
  • Working in writing groups because sometimes it is hard to point out or see the flow in your own paper. Writing groups really help with that.
  • Using the freewriting technique because I easily get writer’s block.
  • Freewriting, discovery draft and journaling all help.
  • Freewriting and focused freewriting because sometimes I don’t know what to write about a particular subject, and I discover my opinion through writing.
  • Reading an essay out loud to catch grammatical errors.
  • Having others edit my paper using constructive criticism is helpful.
  • Freewriting: the discovery draft process. Sometimes I have trouble deciding what to write about and these strategies help me filter through my ideas.
  • The post-it with the square cut out (for proofreading) is the most useful strategy I have found. It helps me focus on finding grammatical errors by showing one word at a time.
  •  Working in a small group where we revise each other’s work because other people can catch my mistakes better than I.
  • My favorite technique is the sticky note technique because by reading one work at a time without seeing the next allows me to better fix my flow because I add words that aren’t there when I read.

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