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Introduction to WordPress

We will be offering another introductory workshop on WordPress for anyone interested in creating a new WordPress site or just learning more about the platform.

  • 3-4 pm, Thurs, Dec 8th, Library 105, Introduction to WordPress (sign up)

If you are a faculty person using WordPress for one or more course sites and would like assistance setting up your site, come to one of our Curricular Technologies work sessions:

  • 3-4 pm, Tues, Dec 13th, Library 105, Curricular Technologies Work Session (sign up)
  • 2-3 pm, Wed, Dec 14th, Library 105, Curricular Technologies Work Session (sign up)

Finally if you are currently using WordPress for your course sites but are interested in trying out Moodle as an alternative or additional platform for your course, consider attending a Moodle workshop:

  • 2-3 pm, Thurs, Dec 8th, Library 105, Introduction to Moodle (sign up)

New Plugin: Jetpack

We’ve just installed Jetpack on  This plugin replaces the stats plugin that many use to keep track of how many people are viewing their sites.

If you own or are an administrator on a site that used the stats plugin, we encourage you to update to JetPack.  For more information, see:
Plugins > Jetpack

Update: We have had reports that updating from Stats plugin to Jetpack may prevent access to historical site statistics.  If such statistics are important to you, we recommend not updating to Jetpack until these issues are resolved.

JetPack also has a number of other features including a Twitter widget, support for LaTex markup and a spelling, grammar and style checker.  For more information, see: 

WordPress Techniques

Have recently added a new type of documentation to this site which I am referring to as “techniques.”

Techniques are less about how to and more about what you can do.  In particular:

Posts vs Pages

Strategies for deciding whether to write a post or a page for a given “chunk” of information be it an announcement, course information, syllabus, assignments.

Organizing Pages

The latest version of WordPress offers a variety of ways to organizing pages including creating hierarchies of pages and creating custom menus.

Organizing Posts

Posts have different tools for organization than pages including categories and tags

Uploading Files

Links to files can be inserted in posts and pages.  How these are inserted depends on what type of file it is..