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The Middlebury Administration has recently decided to build a new field house and new squash courts. There will be a space designated to be the Field House Museum, in which texts, artifacts, images, and exhibits of all kinds will be put on display and arranged in such way that the Middlebury Sports History can be fully and accurately illustrated.

AMST 1007 – Designing a Field House Museum is a class that seeks to capture the episodes of Middlebury athletics and retell the story through different mediums. As old architectures will be torn down, to me, having a museum is the best way to preserve the existing elements and the heritage of Panther sports.

The focus of my research is Women’s Athletics and Title IX. The success of female athletes on the fields, courts, and ice is now one of the happenings on campus that gets the community excited. Yet who would know that there have once been struggles and scuffles in the process of embracing the true spirit of Title IX?

In the span of one month, primary and secondary researches were conducted. This website is an overview of the extensive and exciting history of Women’s Sports at Middlebury and the role that Title IX has played within it. The two watershed moments and turning points in this story are the Enactment of Title IX in 1972 and the Appeal Made to the Administration by the Women’s Sports Captains in 1988.

Therefore, this short outline is divided into four parts:

I hope you enjoy navigating this site.

The completion of this website is due to the guidance of Professor Holly Allen and Karl Lindholm ’67, the generous help of Missy Foote, Megan Kemp, Ingrid Punderson, and Brad Nadeau, and the support from my classmates.

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