Power Strip

Power Strip is a competition between teams of five people to reduce electricity use in their dorm rooms and offices. Each team member gets a Power Strip Kit with a meter to track their electricity use and tools for conserving electricity. Teams participate for two weeks to measure the electricity they currently use and the amount they conserve. How much can you take off?


The team with the greatest total electricity conserved as well as the team with the greatest percent reduction in electricity will each receive $100 and a $25 Kiva gift card for each team member to support sustainability around the world.

Schedule Spring 2009

First Round         March 2- March 16
Second Round     March 30- April 13
Third Round        April 13 – April 27
Forth Round        April 27- May 11

How it works

• Organize a team of 5 people, designate a team leader, and contact the Sustainability Integration Office at klscott@middlebury.edu or use this form.

• Each person gets a Power Strip kit with a Kill-a-Watt meter to track their electricity use.

• There are two parts to the Power Strip challenge. During the first six-day period teams measure their baseline electricity consumption.  During the second six-day period teams compete to reduce their electricity usage.

• Team members write down their electricity use each day.

• Use a power strip to hook up more than one device into the Kill-a-Watt meter. If you don’t have a power strip you can use the one provided- just don’t use the blue control outlet during the first week!

• Kits MUST BE TURNED IN to the Sustainability Integration Office (Room 109, Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest) by 11AM the Monday your challenge ends, otherwise they won’t be available for the next team.

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