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Month: March 2015

Do you know about the Middlebury Stone Leaf Tea House?

This week we wanted to feature a spot around Middlebury where we have found good mindfulness, energy, wellness, and overall well-being.  Today’s spot:…

Self-Care and Inclusive Movement Events April 7th and 8th

We are very excited about these events!

Are you hard on yourself? Here are some ways to think about that.

This is a great reminder about the importance of self-confidence and self-respect. Thank you Entrepreneur the Arts!

Helpful Facts to Make Loving Winter Easier

With March rolling around and snow still on the ground, it can be easy to walk around campus talking about…

Why You Have to Get Better at Saying ‘No’

Like the writer of the article below, so many of us at Middlebury strive to constantly please one another. While the intentions…

10 tips to Stress Less

Reminisce (about good times), Breathe, Ask for Help, Give someone a smile and/or compliment…. We have our favorite tips from…

The Fall 2015 Clifford Symposium topic has officially been announced!

A note to the Middlebury College Community from Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Andi Lloyd: On…

The Benefits of a Lunch-Hour Walk

To combat afternoon slumps in enthusiasm and focus, take a walk during the lunch hour.

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