Update to Web Makeover

Recently we had our web makeover design partner White Whale Web Services in town, and with this visit, the next phase of our project has begun. We thought it would be useful to let you all know what to expect in the next four months. Here is a list of things we know we’ll be doing, who will be doing them, and roughly when they’ll be happening:

Activity One: Strategic Recommendations Document
White Whale will be writing up a strategic recommendation document that will summarize their findings from their visit, their analysis of the work that we’ve done to date (surveys, focus groups, stakeholder reports, blog comments, etc.), and make some strategic recommendations about the direction they intend to take with this project. We’ll get this document from them in mid-May and we’ll have until early June to respond to their ideas. We will post this document for all to read and react to, and hold open sessions for further conversation.

Activity Two: Content Review
White Whale will be doing an extensive content review of our site, and make recommendations about how we might approach re-writing and representing our existing materials in a more web native fashion. We’ll be sharing this review with the relevant stakeholders as they begin making plans for how to re-fashion their websites.

Activity Three: Workbook for Site Conversion
White Whale will also be working with us to develop a workbook to help stakeholders prepare for website conversion. This will include activities for doing page inventories, for picking components (e.g. calendar, staff listings, etc.) for inclusion on the site, and for thinking about the quantity and placement of text, graphics, and links on a page that we will use as we begin to work on developing site conversion plans.

Activity Four: Graphics Standards
In early June, White Whale will provide us with initial plans for stylesheet for the common elements of the website, i.e content and column widths, fonts for plaintext and headers, and a simple color pallette.
Activity Five: Information Architecture and Design

White Whale will be delivering an information architecture and design for our site in mid-July. This design will serve as the template for the design of the home page, and all of the websites linked to from the home page. We will have two weeks to provide feedback, and will work to finalize the design direction by the first week of August.

Activity Six: Training and Conversion
By early June, we will have a team and process in place to help departments and individuals convert their sites to the new design and the new web authoring tool Drupal. We anticipate that this process will begin in early August, and continue on through the fall, with the goal of completing the conversion in time for Middlebury’s soft launch in mid-December.

Activity Seven: New or Revised Web Applications
As part of this project, we are creating new or substantially revising a host of web applications that will be integrated into the new design. These include:

  1. Revised event calendar
  2. Interactive course catalog
  3. Useful forms database
  4. Improved search technology
  5. Single Sign-on
  6. Personalized Homepages

Activity Eight: Gathering Middlebury Stories
One important insight from White Whale’s visit was that Middlebury has a tremendous range of vibrant activities, events, accomplishments and personalities that our current website does not adequately capture. To build content for our new site, we will be collecting Middlebury Stories from faculty, students, staff, alumni, and other members of the Middlebury community. In May, we will launch a web tool to gather stories from the community, and work to feature this content dynamically on our new website. We hope everyone involved in Middlebury will share their stories! See http://sites.middlebury.edu/webredo/stories/ to share your story.

Stay Connected over the Summer!

We remain committed to keeping the Middlebury Community involved in this process throughout; since many will be away on summer vacation, we plan to ramp up our reliance on technology to provide opportunities for input, feedback, suggestions, and shouts of encouragement.

These include:

  1. the project blog (http://go.middlebury.edu/webmakeover) (Note: you can now sign up to have updates to the blog delivered to your inbox for those who don’t use RSS.)
  2. a Middlebury webmakeover facebook group (http://go.middlebury.edu/webmakeover?fb)
  3. a twitter feed: http://twitter.com/webredo

While we recognize that there are many, many other things taking place on and off campus that are calling for your attention, we hope that you will find time to involve yourself in this process. We remain committed to creating a website that reflects the values of Middlebury and is a powerful tool for our efforts to communicate and get our work done in an increasingly interconnected, increasingly global institution. The only way we’ll get there is with your help!

Summary of Key Dates

mid May: strategic document review
early June: graphic standars
mid June: new MIIS designs
mid July: new Middlebury designs and information architecture
mid August: MIIS site beta launch
mid December: Middlebury site beta launch

Middlebury and Monterey select White Whale as Web makeover partner

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen White Whale Web Services (http://whitewhale.net/) of Oakland, California, to be our design and information architecture partner for the Middlebury Web makeover project. We believe White Whale has the right combination of skills, experience and vision to meet our demanding requirements. Their process and resulting products have proven to be creative, user-centric, and highly customized to meet the unique needs of the institutions they work with.

We came to this decision through an open, collaborative process that included input from all those who attended the open vendor presentations both in-person and via webcast in Monterey. We are committed to continuing this transparency as we move into the next phase of the project. And we are certain that our new partners will bring fresh ideas to further engage the broad Middlebury community in the process of reinventing our website.

We are working quickly to map out the next phase of our project and are still committed to our aggressive timeline. Stay tuned as we will be in touch soon to talk about what comes next. And all of us really appreciate the useful feedback that many of you provided to us. I know that we have many challenges ahead of us as we move into this phase, and many unanswered questions. Rest assured that there will be ample opportunity to talk through these challenges, and that we will do all that we can to ensure that the project has the resources it needs to succeed.

Save the dates: White Whale’s full Web team will make its first visit to Monterey on April 2, and will be on the Middlebury campus April 27-29. More information on the schedule to come soon. 

Best wishes,

Mike Roy
Dean of Library and Information Services
on behalf of the Web makeover coordinating committee


V is for vendors: Web makeover finalists visit 3/16-20

The Web makeover team has selected four vendors as finalists for the Web redesign project, and they’ll be in Middlebury next week, March 16-20, to make presentations. Each of the four will be here for one day. Here’s where and when they’ll be presenting:

— Tellart, http://www.tellart.com
Monday, March 16, Axinn 100
Public presentation: 10:30 a.m. to noon (1-hour presentation; 1/2-hour Q&A)

— White Whale Web Services, http://www.whitewhale.net
Wednesday, March 18, Axinn 100
Public presentation: 10:30 a.m. to noon (1-hour presentation; 1/2-hour Q&A)

— Dynamic Diagrams, http://www.dynamicdiagrams.com
Thursday, March 19, Twilight Auditorium
Public presentation: 10:30 a.m. to noon (1-hour presentation; 1/2-hour Q&A)

— decimal152, http://www.decimal152.com
Friday, March 20, Twilight Auditorium
Public presentation: 10:30 a.m. to noon (1-hour presentation; 1/2-hour Q&A)

The campus community is welcome to attend any or all of these sessions.  Note that other meetings with the vendors will be held throughout each day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) with various groups from the Web makeover team.

Questions? E-mail tetchell@middlebury.edu.

Update on Makeover: 4 March 2009

I thought it would be helpful to give a summary of where things stand with the web makeover project, and what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks and months.

Drupal chosen as content management system
After a thorough review of commercial and open-source options for the now defunct Microsoft Content Management System, we have chose Drupal to be the main content management system for Middlebury. In addition, we will be developing a framework that will allow for members of the community to create their own customized versions of the Middlebury website.

Proposals are in from our RFP
We’ve received 18 proposals from vendors and the coordinating group is currently reading these proposals. We plan to select 3 (or 4) finalists who we will invite to campus to present their ideas to us. We will host campus-wide presentations and provide a forum for accepting feedback from the community on these finalists.

Once we’ve selected our vendor, we will work with them to develop a project plan. That plan will involve a thorough review of the information that we’ve collected to date (stakeholder reports, survey results, focus group results), our draft information architecture, and our plans for deploying drupal, and the customized framework.

The project plan will require input from the community in the following ways:

  • clarification of requirements that we gathered initially
  • testing and finalizing the information architecture
  • feedback on prototype designs and layouts of pages and sites
  • participation in usability testing

We expect that this work will begin in late March or early April.

In addition, we will be developing plans for conversion of our existing content to this new platform and environment. This will also require input and help from the community. Specifically, we will be:

  • training trainers who in turn will be training content providers on the new system
  • working closely with departments to develop conversion plans, including re-envisioning what information is available via a department website, and whenever possible, providing data from institutional databases to make that process more sustainable.

While we don’t yet have a specific timetable in place, we have ambitious goals of getting the MIIS site live in late August, and the new middlebury.edu site live in a beta form during the fall, with an official launch in early January of 2010. Below is a rough overview of our present thinking on the timeline:

This has been a wonderful project to work on so far. We are excited to be on the verge of the next phase. Please use the comment feature of this post to pose any questions that you might have.

— mike

Deadline for proposals extended to March 2

Due to some technical problems with last week’s conference call on the Middlebury RFP (not everyone was able to join the call) we are extending the deadline for Web redesign and restructure proposals.

Proposals are now due in electronic form by Monday, March 2, 2009, at 5 p.m. EST. Please send proposals to Tim Etchells, director of interactive communications: tetchell@middlebury.edu. Any questions should be e-mailed to the same address.


Follow-up phone call on Web makeover RFP: 02/23, 2:30 p.m.

Because of some technical difficulties in the call on Friday, 2/20, we’re scheduling an optional follow-up call on Monday, 2/23, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Anyone unable to get into Friday’s meeting, or who has questions still unanswered, is welcome to take part. Use the link below to register for the Web meeting and find the phone conference call information.


Vendor questions and Middlebury answers: 02/21/09




Will there be one main contact for managing the chosen vendor? What role does the contact (or contacts) have within the redesign effort?

What kind of access will the vendor have to other stakeholders at Middlebury? For example, how will students be involved in the redesign process?

How will you measure success?

With such a large group of stakeholders as well as Middlebury web re-design project committees – what is the expected engagement process with your selected vendor? Will there be a single project lead from LIS, or review by committee? Would you prefer some degree of on-site participation?

What scope of documentation on the requirements research work that you’ve done would we have access to?

Is project going to be awarded to the lowest bidder?

Is design quality and demonstrated past design strength a strong consideration for selection?

What is the criteria for final selection?

Are local firms to Vermont preferred for the project? Will you consider a New York city based firm that would plan a significant in-person presence at Middlebury?

We have worked in this particular format where we have handed off designs to another development team. Sometimes, the overall design direction can get lost in the transition between design and development and over time, the project can stray from the intended design direction. Is there a budget or resources for the designer/strategist to be continually involved so the overall vision stays intact throughout the development phase?

Is a company allowed to submit multiple proposals?

Are you open to working with a company outside of your geographical area?

If a company is from out of town and selected as a finalist are they able to present via WebEx/video conferencing?

We are requesting a single proposal from each vendor, although each proposal may include different approaches, several design themes.

Contract will be awarded based on a number of factors, including demonstrated competence, quality of the proposal, chemistry with Middlebury’s team; price is only one of them. We are open to working with companies from outside the Northeast. We may be open to having a finalist present via WebEx/video conferencing.

We have a large number of stakeholders, but we have a small project management team that will be able to make decisions and offer feedback in a timely manner. We expect the partner we select will meet with various stakeholder groups, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.


The RFP suggests two constructs to navigate/organize the website: by subject matter (information hierarchy), or by role – which we expect will play a greater influence on web 2.0 interactivity tools. Which view of the information do you expect will be the predominant approach for ongoing user experience?

Our general audience is sufficiently diverse that we expect both hierarchical and role based navigation, as well as search, to be used by significant portions of our users. Our current hierarchical navigation model is strong and we’ll be looking to work with you in improving our IA to improve this navigation. Our role-based navigation is currently weak and should be a major focus of the redesign, including integration with interactive tools as your question discusses. We’ll be working internally to improve our search results by tweaking our tool and improve content.

With the desire to integrate web 2.0 technologies such as facebook, youtube, flickr, and RSS – can you provide some specific examples of how you see this interaction being integrated throughout the site? Would these only be in the instances of the “interact” scenarios spelled out in the RFP, or do you expect more robust integration – for example by role (student, faculty, etc.)

Integration with “web 2.0” technologies will be heaviest in those “interact” sub-sites, which we want to use to give departments an opportunity to tell their own story by aggregating different content sources they manage. However, other areas of our site will display this content as well: we expect News stories to have video and audio from our streaming media server and/or YouTube, the events list on the home page to be an RSS feed of events from our calendar database, etc. User-specific integration with tools like FaceBook will happen chiefly in the personal home pages.

I don’t see the proposed IA for MIIS. Have I missed it? If not, what is the status and scope of that work?


What is the scope of IA work for the other Middlebury entities’ websites? For example, will you want the selected vendor to review and potentially restructure Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference IA or any of the schools as well?

Certain portions of the draft IA, particularly the Resources, Programs, and Affiliates sections are less complete than others, such as Admissions or Academics. We’ll work with you in identifying the areas of our IA proposal which need the most attention.


Who is Middlebury’s main competition, in terms of the primary audiences? (Identified in the RFP as prospective students and their families)

Top national liberal arts colleges; Ivy League schools.

What’s the order of importance (e.g., priority order as opposed to alphabetical order) of the audiences listed on p. 3-4 of RFP?

Importance of audiences varies for different sections of the site. Prospective students and their families No. 1 in public facing site; daily users most important in other parts.

In light of Middlebury’s “global” reality and aspirations, how has branding & positioning been addressed within this effort? The magnitude of this project’s effort has some significant implications for this consideration and we’re wondering what efforts will be exerted by the College at this time (or in the future).

Capital campaign: Middlebury Initiative: Liberal Arts, Global Action. Middlebury tag line: Middlebury seeks to be the global liberal arts college for the 21st century. Summer Language Schools in 10 languages. Schools Abroad in 30-plus cities in a dozen countries. Affiliation with Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Are there any websites your team has found to be good precedents for what you would like to do?

We have sites we like, mostly for how they do one thing well, but we haven’t found any sites that doing everything that we want Middlebury’s site to do.

Is there a general goal for the number of pages Middlebury wants on the final web site?

Under 1,000 pages in highly branded public facing site.


There seems to be a bit of a mismatch between the requirements and number of entities and elements involved in the project (e.g., mobile access, Web 2.0 elements, accessibility and localization, customization, etc.) and the list of deliverables in section 6 of the RFP (p. 6). Could you comment more on Middlebury’s role vs. the vendor’s role?

The page list is fairly short, but a large number of features are listed in section 10.2 that are not part of the page list. Items include a personalized home page with customizable widgets, master calendar with rich functionality (is this the “Events listing” page template?), faculty/student directory, maps/tours, forms, media galleries and more. Is section 10.2 provided only for reference or should all these features be assumed to be part of the core page designs that are required?

Middlebury has a core group of developers who will be building and implementing the technical architecture for the web presence. We would like the vendor to contribute the user experience and visual deployment.

Although there is a list of potential design templates on p. 6, it is not clear if the 11 unique pages is the full page count or is this is just a partial list that could grow substantially as the project progresses. The last bullet point states that variations on look and feel for the unique templates may be needed per department which could change the design and coding time significantly. We’ll need a more specific total template count in order to provide an estimate of effort.

Our current IA document is not complete; review and finalization is listed in the deliverables. We anticipate that the IA development process will inform the number of unique designs necessary.

In some of the documents related to the redesign, there is a big emphasis on usability and making sure that things are pleasant to use. Can changes be made to enhance the usability of some of the existing models, such as the News Portal (http://go.middlebury.edu/news)? What is the division of responsibility between Middlebury and the vendor on interaction design / experience design? Often it’s the details that make the difference here and it does not seem with such a large scope that the vendor can be intimately involved in user experience design, although the success of incorporating all the desired elements will hinge on this.

The Web Makeover committee has experience with leading focus groups, but we do not have extensive experience with usability testing. The vendor should present a plan for usability that they are comfortable with.

Is there an intention with this release to build in person-to-person or person-to-group messaging within the Middlebury site? (Examples: the ability of faculty to interact with their classes, or students to interact with each other, etc.)

Middlebury would like to use appropriate Web 2.0 technologies to represent and build our online community; some of these technologies are mentioned in the Appendix. Recommendations and additions from the vendor should be mentioned in the proposal.

In further detail, what is the scope of the site redesign/re-architecture as it extends to external sites such as MIIS, Liberal Arts Global Action, etc.? Do you anticipate applying a new look and feel to these satellite sites to promote a more seamless user experience?

The goal is to create a series of templates and themes with similar elements. Each site will have it’s own identity, yet still belong to Middlebury

Are there any known content gaps that may need to be filled, based upon conversion planning? Will there be a need to produce strategic multimedia/flash, narrative, etc..concurrently with this project? Would this constitute a separate project?

Middlebury has collection of images and media that can be used for the design.


Regarding the following deliverable: “Process flows for all transactional components, including end-users’ and content managers’ uses of the Web presence.” Can you provide a list of the end user transactional components for which you would like process flows proposed?

What types, how complex and how many transactional components will there be?

Every interaction between a user and the Web site should be presented in a process flow. The process flow will represent an intuitive delivery of information for the end-user. Editing interfaces should be intuitive for content managers, while providing the flexibility to deliver complex content. We understand that this is a challenge, and we are looking for the vendor to help us achieve a balance.


What is the budget or range for this project (time and expenses)?

Are you able to share the proposed budget for this RFP? (Always worth asking for expectation and scope purposes)

What is the approximate budget for the project?

What is the budget for this project? Has it been funded?

We don’t have a specific budget but expect that the proposals will be more than $100,000 and less than $250,000.


Please clarify the extent of scheduling you expect from the vendor. As you know, the RFP says, “Tentative schedule and plan of work to complete Monterey’s site for public launch in August 2009…” Do you want a schedule for what would be our work, which you would integrate with your internal build-out schedule? Or, do you want the vendor to lay out the timetables for LIS and Communications work?

Please describe how wedded you are to the proposed schedule, which strikes us as ambitious.

We know the schedule we’ve described is ambitious. Monterey definitely needs to launch its new design in August, and we want to push as hard as we can to get the Middlebury site wrapped up by the end of the year. We recognize that we may need to do this project in phases, so that not all the functionality we envision adding to the site is available right away.


The affiliate schools (outside of MIIS) are going to be part of the middlebury.edu domain. Will they require differentiating design characteristics? Or will they live under the same design specs that are established for Middlebury?

Would it be safe to assume that the MIIS site will have a unique, yet cohesive branded site to that of Middlebury?

One overall design (to be chosen from three or more potential treatments) but several versions for Middlebury (undergraduate, Language School, Bread Loaf programs, Schools Abroad) and Monterey

Fresh designs for CMS + Wiki + Blog templates

Who is responsible for content analysis and deciding what content needs to be:

Available to which audiences? Eliminated? Changed? Added? Where does this process fit in the project timeline?

We expect to make most of these decisions internally, and the process is ongoing. We do want to have our partner help us test our decisions on content availability/IA.

For design deliverables, do you want a set of the design templates for the College, MIIS and for each of the schools?

Can the design deliverables be quantified (for purposes of accurate cost estimation)? While there are a number of web properties included in the scope of this work, can a number be put to the number of “home” page, landing page, detail page, (or families of such)? Are you seeking a fully finished top-level site or a finished template library to deploy as necessary? A combination of both is our interpretation, but we’d like to estimate the volume of work to meet your expectations.

Please confirm that your partner would be responsible for delivering XHTML/CSS

Does Middlebury have a preferred format that you would like to receive the designs?

Are photoshop (psd) files sufficient for handoff or do you require html/css templates made from the approved design?

Original design/image files (no required format); html/css not required.

Does Middlebury have a collection on photo assets or would you like the partner to include an optional line item for an on-campus photo shoot?

We have lots of great photography and an online digital photography archive. We have photographers on campus for major shoots every couple of months.

Are there existing “look and feel” preferences or a style guide that Middlebury would like the partner to follow or are you looking for a new design recommended by the partner?

Looking for a fresh, groundbreaking design, but one that reflects Middlebury’s 209-year history. See our graphic identity guidelines at our communication office Web site.


Are they seeking the vendor to test the IA after it has been expanded upon? Or will they be using their internal resources? Same with Usability testing and site flow review.

There is a usability testing plan listed (p. 7) – What is the scope? Usually it is best to incorporate usability testing throughout a design and development process. This requires, at minimum, deciding what aspects to test, devising test tasks, recruiting, facilitating the tests, and analyzing the results. How much of this would be the vendor’s responsibility?

In the Deliverables section, it is noted that “a tested IA” should be completed before wireframes (p. 6). If this means usability testing, it suggests that at least some wireframes would have to be done to conduct the tests. Or is this more of a “usability review of site flow and structure” as mentioned on p. 7?

The RFP states that usability testing should take place before design work. Usability testing can occur at different places of the design process: before design, after design, during development, and after development. We have found that people respond better to functioning websites rather than wireframes or flat designs. Can the usability schedule be changed or amended as needed?

Would you like the partner to generate the usability test plan and conduct the usability testing, or only develop the plan with the intention of the Middlebury team conducting the testing?

Regarding the following deliverable: “Usability testing plan: from both visual branding and user experience points of view; note that usability review of site flow and structure should take place before design work.” The requirement to conduct usability testing from a “visual branding and user experience” point of view indicates that Middlebury would like usability testing on the design comps and functional web site. However, a “usability review” is desired for the site flow and structure. Does that mean that Middlebury would like an expert review and analysis on the site flow and structure, but not usability testing?

See deliverables section of RFP, but generally we are hopeful that our partner will help us test the IAs we’ve worked up (Middlebury and Monterey), and that they will be able to do extensive usability testing, which will take place at various points throughout the design and build process. Reviews should involve both process flow and usability.


Will sIFR be allowed for unique fonts?

We have no objection to this.

Are there any limitations within the Drupal framework that they would want us to be aware of?

We have not identified any limitations that would be “showstoppers” for our proposed work.

What types, how complex and how many transactional components will there be?

Will the vendor have access to search logs, web analytics, etc.? How much has Middlebury’s analysis of these sources contributed to ideas about the redesign?

Yes, we will make this information available. We have done surface analysis to determine the areas of our site that are most visited, but much of our thinking in terms of redesign has come from our surveys, focus groups and internal meetings.

What moderating is required on user-supplied content? E.g., on users uploading photos for events, user comments, etc.

The level of content moderation will vary with the area of the site. Our top level pages will be highly moderated while the personal home pages will be (mostly) un-moderated. We will look to you to provide process flows for these transactional components that can be flexible depending on the level of moderation required.

What security is required different kinds of information? E.g., can any user access portfolios of student research, work, etc.?

The level of content security will vary with the area of the site. Our top level pages will be publicly available while the personal home pages will be (mostly) private. We will look to you to provide process flows for these transactional components that can be flexible depending on the level of security required.

How is Middlebury handling security in general? E.g., remote-access (off-campus) editing of content? (p. 13)

We are developing a single-sign-on service based on our current authentication system. Integration of this system with our various platforms is not in the scope of the proposal for the site redesign.

What is the complete list of all browser/OS combinations, including any mobile devices, that need to be fully tested and supported? For browsers not fully supported, do we need to provide a version of the site that provides basic functionality to ensure universal access?

A list of supported browsers is available at http://go.middlebury.edu/webhelp?browsing. Our policy is to support all browsers released by major vendors until the vendor discontinues support.

What does “Improved Search functionality” mean? (p. 13) Is this the responsibility of the vendor, or Middlebury?

This is the responsibility of Middlebury.

Section 508 compliance is listed as a requirement but the level of effort could range from basic accessibility features (alt tags, semantic markup, tabular data scopes and summaries) to a very robust progressive enhancement strategy and full testing on a range of screen readers and specific testing criteria. More detail is needed for the testing and acceptance criteria for Section 508 compliance.

As the XHTML/CSS will be developed by Middlebury, this item means that the delivered design should be one that could be implemented to support those standards. This item is meant to inform the design team of a desired goal.

How did you arrive at the decision to use Drupal as your CMS, and what is the intent for data migration as it extends to a fairly large content trove (some of which may be old/dated, or otherwise irrelevant)?

A number of factors including extensibility, support, developer knowledge, experience, community, and cost informed our decision to use Drupal for this project. Our intent is to migrate our content from our current site to the new IA you propose either manually or using scripts we develop.

Does the College desire the entire architecture to be platformed in Drupal?

Our public-targeted highly-branded site will live in Drupal, though content for some areas (such as the Events Calendar) will come from external data sources. Other areas of the site may be part of other instances of Drupal, or other platforms depending on need.

Does the College desire a mySql or Oracle database?

We will be using a MySQL database as the backend for whatever sites are set up in Drupal. Middlebury will set up, configure and maintain this database.

How much data needs to be migrated?

This will depend on delivered IA.

In listed the project deliverables and the following interface:

A database of contact information run on Microsoft Active Directory

Is this desired for only authentication or does the College desire more detailed messaging integration?

For the purposes of this project we will be using Active Directory for authentication.

Will the website definitely be developed with Drupal?


Will you consider alternative Content Management Systems?


What level of 508 compliance is Middlebury seeking? Or are you seeking a recommendation from the partner?

As the XHTML/CSS will be developed by Middlebury, this item means that the delivered design should be one that could be implemented to support those standards. This item is meant to inform the design team of a desired goal.

Are you open to looking at any other best practice CMS’s for your website? Our CMS includes many of the features that you specify adding to your CMS in the future.


Regarding the following deliverable: “Process flows for all transactional components, including end-users’ and content managers’ uses of the Web presence.” Can you provide a list of the end user transactional components for which you would like process flows proposed?

What types, how complex and how many transactional components will there be?

Every interaction between a user and the website should be presented in a process flow. The process flow will represent an intuitive delivery of information for the end-user. Editing interfaces should be intuitive for content managers, while providing the flexibility to deliver complex content. We understand that this is a challenge, and we are looking for the vendor to help us achieve a balance.

Link to Proposed Monterey IA

MIIS Information Architecture [PPT]

RFP Released!

We’ve reached a major milestone for our project: the completion of our RFP. You can read it at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfsgbdf7_3xm3d3shn .

Proposed Information Architecture

Items which are bold are links to sites or applications outside of the highly branded, public facing site. As such, we will not require extensive design treatment for these elements, aside from a generic theme and style guide which we can apply to our custom applications.

The sections labeled Interact below will be forward-facing portals for the section of the site they live in. We model this on the existing News Portal (http://go.middlebury.edu/news) and will use the same platform and technology we use for that site, and plan to use for the internal Personal Home Page sites, for the interaction sites. They are intended to give these areas increased flexibility in where they create their content and provide an aggregated view of that content.

  • Front Page
    • Top Right Navigation Bar
      • Log On – takes user to their Personal Home Page
      • WebMail
      • Banner
      • Directory
      • Emergency
      • Search – this is a Search Box!
    • Navigation Links on Front Page
      • Admissions
        • Applying
        • Financial Aid
        • Campus Visits
        • Interact
      • Academics
        • Departments
        • Course Catalog
        • Course Sites
        • Library
      • Programs
        • Language Schools
        • Schools Abroad
        • Bread Loaf School of English
        • Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference
      • Athletics
        • Scores
        • Schedule
        • Rosters
        • Prospectives
      • Alumni
        • Events
        • Chapters
        • News
        • Directory
      • Giving
        • Online Giving
        • Middlebury Initiative
        • Donor Roll
        • Gift Planning
      • Affiliates
        • Monterey Institute for International Studies
        • Middlebury / Monterey Language Academy
        • Middlebury at Mills
        • Brandeis / Middlebury School of Hebrew
      • Arts
        • Arts News
        • Arts Calendar
        • Box Office
        • Museum of Art
      • Resources
        • Campus Map
        • Helpdesk
        • Bookstore
        • Jobs
    • Events Calendar
    • News
  • News – shows a list of the latest news stories with images and descriptions; site also contains an archive of News items arranged as follows in reverse chronological order; this site should remain functionally similar to the current News portal (go/news) and retain the links to other publications like Middlebury Magazine, The Campus, and administrative and student run blogs.
    • YYYY
      • MM
        • Shows a list of news stories from this Month
  • Emergency
    • In the event of an Emergency, response information displayed prominently
    • Emergency Response Guide
      • 1. Accidents or Medical Emergencies
      • 2. Fire
      • 3. Armed Threat
      • 4. Violent Crime or Behavior
      • 5. Explosion
      • 6. Bomb Threat
      • 7. Suspicious Packages and Envelopes or Substances
      • 8. Chemical Spill, Detection of Propane Gas, Fumes and Vapors
      • 9. Utility Failure
      • 10. Technology – Prolonged Outage
      • 11. Campus Trauma: Untimely Death or Serious Injury
      • 12. Health Emergency
      • 13. Pandemic – Campus Evacuation
      • 14. Weather
      • 15. Earthquake
      • 16. Water Damage or Structural Damage
    • General Information
      • Alertfind Messaging System
        • MessageOne
        • AlertFind – Receiving Messages
      • Emergency Response & Disaster Plan
      • Messages to the College Community
      • Safety And Security Handbook
      • Who Do I Call?
    • Internal Emergency Response Information
      • Organized by department
  • Admissions – build the current Request More Information link into the home page here as a button and consolidate the Banner forms to that Prospective types don’t have to pre-select the form that applies to them
    • Applying
      • Applications
      • Requirements & Deadlines
      • Frequently Asked Questions
        • For February Admissions
        • For Transfer Students
        • For International Students
        • For Parents
    • Financial Aidhome page content would include the information currently in Cost of a Middlebury Education
      • Applications – to include all of the content in the Forms area, which will additionally be purged of forms for prior years
      • Requirements & Deadlines – name changed to match section in Applying
        • Prospective Students
        • Current Students
        • Language Schools – link to LS site
        • Schools Abroad – link to SA site
        • Bread Loaf School of English – link to BLSE site
        • Middlebury Monterey Language Academy – link to MMLA site
      • Frequently Asked Questions – content from the current Types of Aid and Payment Options questions will be edited and added here in question/answer form
      • Contact
    • Campus Visits
      • Campus Tour Schedule – link to Events Calendar
      • Campus Maps and Directions – link to Campus Maps
      • Visits to your High School – link to Events Calendar
    • Interact
    • Facts and Figures – present the basic facts we have on the site, but also include more information from the diversity profile and other institutional research; also display the Financial Aid section on cost; also display facts about the Town
    • Contact
  • Academics
    • Individual Department Sites – a tabled list with colors or icons to note whether this site is for a Major, Minor, or Interdisciplinary Program. It is vital that this list is displayed on the home page of Academics. Each department site will have a landing page with placeholders for content from the “Interact” site below, such as videos of students from the department and/or a blogroll.
      • Courses – link to Course Catalog
      • Requirements
      • Faculty – list of photos and Directory information similar to our current faculty listings
        • Page for Each Faculty Member – includes photo of the faculty member from the Directory, other Directory information including Office Hours, and a profile of the Faculty member from their personal home page, editable by each Faculty member (and likely also by the department coordinators to offer assistance where needed).
        • Page for Department Coordinator, Lab Techs, etc. – similar content to Faculty profiles
      • Events – link to Events Calendar
      • Interact
    • Course Catalog – link to Course Catalog
    • Course Sites
    • Library
    • Academic Administration – this is a combination of the information currently in About Middlebury, Academic Affairs, the Handbooks, the Dean of the College site, and similar resource that are spread out in the current IA. This site will not be part of the highly branded, public-facing site, but its IA is included here for reference
      • President of the College – move biography so that it appears on the first page
        • President’s Blog
        • Board of Trustees
        • Officers of the Corporation
        • Past Middlebury Presidents (merge with President’s Emeriti)
        • Addresses & Statements (merge with Inauguration content)
        • Major Initiatives
        • Staff and Hours
          • President’s Staff
          • President’s Office Staff
          • Office Hours
      • Institutional Planning & Diversity
      • News and Information
        • President’s Blog
        • Dean of the College Blog
        • Academic Achievements – feed of academic related news stories from the central news site
        • Awards & Recognition – not limited to those listed below… central site for this content
          • Citizens Medal Winners
          • Staff Appreciation Awards
        • Faculty Experts
        • Faculty Publications – link to Library database
        • The Strategic Plan
      • Policies
        • Honor Code
        • AP Credit
        • College Handbook
        • Resources for New Faculty
        • Reappointment & Tenure
      • Committees
        • Administration Committee
        • Community Council
        • Faculty Committees & Governance
        • Institutional Review Board
        • Judicial Boards
        • Task Force on the Status of Women
        • Sexual Assault Oversight Committee
  • Athletics – home page is aggregated group of news stories from central news site based on tags
    • News – at the top level this will display a list of news stories, which can be filtered by sport and category.
      • SportsNotes Newsletter
      • Features
      • Middlebury Magazine Features
      • Webcasts
      • Photography
    • Sports
      • Coed
        • Individual Sports Sites
          • About the Program
          • News – drawn from central news site
          • Schedule & Results – drawn from database
          • Coaches – similar profiles as those provided for in Academics section
          • Roster
          • Captains
          • Facilities
      • Men’s
        • Individual Sports Sites
      • Women’s
        • Individual Sports Sites
      • Club Sports
    • Scores – aggregate view of sports scores in descending order of occurange with links to sports sections and game statistics; search interface for results archive
    • Schedule – link to Events Calendar
    • Facilities – link to Campus Maps
    • Prospectives – link to Prospectives application
    • About Athletics
      • Mission & Philosophy
      • NESCAC Admissions Practices
      • P.E. FAQ’s
      • Athletics Staff – similar profiles as those provided for in Academics section
  • Alumni – all external links here go to those features in the external Alumni Community
    • Alumni Directory
    • Career Networking
    • Events & Events Registration
    • Social Networking Tools
    • “My Page” Personal Profile
    • Class Notes
    • Online Giving
    • E-Mail Forwarding
    • Networking
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Youtube
    • News – feed of all content from main Middlebury news source that’s tagged with “alumni”
      • Middlebury Magazine
    • Events – link to Events Calendar
      • Reunion
      • Homecoming
    • Chapters – links to Facebook chapter groups
  • Giving – build prominent “Give Now” button into the main page here. This would take folks directly to the online giving form
    • Middlebury Initiative
    • Ways to Give
      • Give Online – link to online giving form
      • Call to Make a Gift
      • Send a Check
      • Matching Gifts
      • Gift Planning
      • 1800 Society
      • Senior Class Gift
      • Student Fundraising Resources
    • Alumni Fund
      • Participations Challenge
      • Honor Rolls of Donors
        • Undergraduate
        • 1800 Society
        • Language Schools
        • Bread Loaf
        • Faculty & Staff
      • Become a Class Agent
      • Contact Us
    • Parents Fund
      • Join the Parent’s Committee
      • Honor Roll of Donors
    • Update your Information – link to form
    • Contact
  • Arts
    • Arts Calendar – link to Events Calendar
    • News and Publications
      • Middlebury Magazine
    • Box Office – link to Online Box Office
    • Performing Arts Series
    • Museum of Art
    • Library
    • Committee on Art in Public Places
    • General Information
    • Contact
  • Resources
    • Campus Map
    • Facilities
      • McCullough Student Center
      • Ralph Myhre Golf Course
      • Rikert Ski Touring Center
      • Middlebury College Snow Bowl
      • Rohatyn Center for International Affairs
      • Scott Center for Spiritual & Religious Life
      • Jewish Center
      • Chellis House
      • McCardell Bicentennial Hall
    • Activities – an external site with the following sections
      • Student Organizations
      • Leadership Development
      • Middlebury Outdoor Programs
      • Performance Spaces
      • Winter Term Workshops
      • Orientation Trips
      • Transportation Information
      • Student Fundraising Projects
      • Student Leader Resources
      • Volunteering
      • Contact
    • Student Employment
    • Helpdesk
    • Human Resources
    • Jobs
  • Programs
    • Language Schools – landing page has graphical links to MMLA, Graduate Programs, Midd@Mills as well as textual links to each of the LS programs
      • Apply Now – each of these link out to the application
        • Arabic
        • Chinese
        • French
        • German
        • Hebrew
        • Italian
        • Japanese
        • Portuguese
        • Russian
        • Spanish
      • Dates & Fees
      • Events Calendar
      • Financial Aid & Scholarships
        • Kathryn Davis Fellowship
        • Vermont Teachers Scholarship
        • Minority Student Scholarship
        • Premio Fede
      • FAQs
      • Middlebury at Mills
      • Graduate Studies
      • Schools Abroad
      • Pre-College Programs
      • LS Alumni – link to Alumni Community
      • LS News – aggregate from central news source
      • Contact
      • General Undergrad LS program site
        • Academic Program
        • Undergraduate
        • Graduate – link to graduate section
        • Faculty & Staff
        • Students
        • Activities
        • Course Catalog
        • Apply Now
        • Dates & Fees
        • Financial Aid & Scholarships – school specific
        • FAQs
        • Contact
    • Graduate Programs
      • Apply Now
        • Chinese
        • French
        • German
        • Italian
        • Med. Studies
        • Russian
        • Spanish
        • DML
      • Dates & Fees
      • Financial Aid & Scholarships
        • Kathryn Davis Fellowship
        • Vermont Teachers Scholarship
        • Minority Student Scholarship
        • Premio Fede
      • FAQs
      • Language Schools
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