White Whale Unveils Middlebury Web site Design

On Thursday, July 23rd, at 1pm (10am PST), White Whale will be presenting a new design for the Middlebury website. People at can participate in the unveiling in two ways. Join us in McCullough Social Space, where we will show the unveiling. –or– Log into the Elluminate session using the instructions here: Web Access for […]

Web Makeover Update

We are writing to give you an update on where things stand with the web makeover project. We are still on-schedule for a January launch of the new Web site. To get there, here’s what we’re doing this summer. 1. We are putting together a list of Web sites that need to be converted, and […]

Unveiled homepage mockups for miis.edu

Design Mockups Without further ado, I present the design mockups for the homepage of miis.edu. Click anywhere on the mockups to see multiple views (expanded navigation menus, etc.). Design 1: Horizon Features Horizon line header image that rotates on a regular basis; creates a sense of place yet also implies that the work done at […]

White Whale Unveils the new MIIS website design

On Tuesday, June 9th, at 4pm (1pm PST), White Whale will be presenting a new design for the Monterey Institute of International Studies website.  People at Middlebury can participate in the unveiling in two ways. Join us in Library 201, where we will show the unveiling in the classroom. –or– Log into the Elluminate session […]

What is Middlebury?

… and in the context of the Web Makeover, how does Middlebury present itself to the rest of the world on a global platform, at a time where we are re-organizing and redefining ourselves?  Can the website’s homepage answer these questions?

Middlebury and Monterey select White Whale as Web makeover partner

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen White Whale Web Services (http://whitewhale.net/) of Oakland, California, to be our design and information architecture partner for the Middlebury Web makeover project. We believe White Whale has the right combination of skills, experience and vision to meet our demanding requirements. Their process and resulting products have […]

V is for vendors: Web makeover finalists visit 3/16-20

The Web makeover team has selected four vendors as finalists for the Web redesign project, and they’ll be in Middlebury next week, March 16-20, to make presentations. Each of the four will be here for one day. Here’s where and when they’ll be presenting: — Tellart, http://www.tellart.com Monday, March 16, Axinn 100 Public presentation: 10:30 a.m. to noon […]

Deadline for proposals extended to March 2

Due to some technical problems with last week’s conference call on the Middlebury RFP (not everyone was able to join the call) we are extending the deadline for Web redesign and restructure proposals. Proposals are now due in electronic form by Monday, March 2, 2009, at 5 p.m. EST. Please send proposals to Tim Etchells, director […]

Follow-up phone call on Web makeover RFP: 02/23, 2:30 p.m.

Because of some technical difficulties in the call on Friday, 2/20, we’re scheduling an optional follow-up call on Monday, 2/23, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Anyone unable to get into Friday’s meeting, or who has questions still unanswered, is welcome to take part. Use the link below to register for the Web meeting and find the […]

Vendor questions and Middlebury answers: 02/21/09

CATEGORIZED QUESTIONS FROM POTENTIAL PARTNERS; ANSWERS IN ORANGE BOLD. PROCESS Will there be one main contact for managing the chosen vendor? What role does the contact (or contacts) have within the redesign effort? What kind of access will the vendor have to other stakeholders at Middlebury? For example, how will students be involved in the […]

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