2008 Web Statistics – Search

The following data represents the summary of 2008’s “top ten” search terms/keywords entered into our Google Search Appliance or GSA, (the search engine for our www.middlebury.edu website).

To improve the overall quality of search results, all of these “top ten” search terms/keywords have been entered as keymatches in the GSA, which basically bumps them to the top of relevant search results.


Internal Searches (from on-campus)

  1. lis
  2. segue
  3. box office
  4. inb
  5. menu
  6. midd
  7. eres
  8. campus map
  9. exam schedule
  10. library

The GSA search was used approximately 358,514 times by internal users during 2008.


External Searches (from off-campus)

  1. tuition
  2. employment
  3. lis
  4. housing
  5. campus map
  6. address
  7. bookstore
  8. museum
  9. transcript
  10. directions

The GSA search was used approximately 404,153 times by external users during 2008.


Combined (Internal & External Searches)

  1. lis
  2. segue
  3. tuition
  4. campus map
  5. employment
  6. box office
  7. bookstore
  8. housing
  9. inb
  10. menu

In total, the GSA search was used approximately 762,667 times during 2008.


Summary: Web site visitors use search, a lot.

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