Update from Requirements Team

Here’s what’s new from the requirements team as of November 19th:

1. We’ve established who the stakeholders from the various offices, departments, and constituents should be, and contacted them to let them know that we’ll be calling on them to help us define the requirements for their area.

2. We are finalizing a campus-wide survey that we’ll be sending out shortly.

3. We will use the results from the survey to develop questions for focus groups that we’ll hold in early January.

4. We plan to hold a set of open sessions in December and January.

5. We’ve updated the website for the project to allow people to sign up to be in a focus group, take the survey (once it is complete!), requests features/functions, and make general comments.

6. We hope to have a first draft of our requirements document in place by the end of January.


One Response to “Update from Requirements Team”

  1. The MIIS web team is taking a slightly different approach to the survey — more open ended questions, and fewer of them. With a much smaller population, and lots of discussion about the site already taking place, we think this will work for us. Here is a link to the survey:

    We plan to put this out today through 12/9.

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