may 9: presentations day two

who will it be?

______don’t read this, but it was on the original syllabus so i want to leave it here in case you’re interested, since i think it gets at one of the problems of utopia, which is the expecation of permanence, solving it through seeing temporaryness as a feature not a bug…

hakim bey “temporary autonomous zones” (yes, this sounds like the ravings of a madman at times, but (believe it or not), this was a hugely influential work among people thinking about creating utopian or free societies during the 90s and beyond).


may 7: presentations day one

who will it be?


may 2: fixing inequality and the pressures of utopia

rutger bregman, utopia for realists read one of two chapters, either the 15-hour work week (pp. 33-54) or the give money to everyone (pp.55-74).

erik loomis, “the case for a federal jobs guarantee” (short op-ed from last week’s NY times)

[[this piece is not about work and you don’t have to read it, but it’s good and outlines some of the pressures of being in charge of imagining a new world — useful perhaps as you work on your own visions — even if you don’t read it, it’s here and i plan to start class with questions from it, then moving to the work stuff…]]

octavia butler, “the book of martha” (the formatting on this site is atrocious, but you can manage)




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