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Ordering from NExpress

Categories: Library

NExpress is a consortium of seven academic libraries in the Northeast who share each others’ library catalogs. We’re a member of this useful group, and here’s how to utilize NExpress for your research:

Ordering NExpress Materials

Ordering InterLibrary Loan Materials

Categories: Library

New to InterLibrary Loan, known coloquially as ILL? Our LIS Wiki pages show you how to use this powerful tool:

Ordering ILL Materials

Renewing InterLibrary Loan Materials

Categories: Library

This handy screencast will show you how to easily renew your ILL books:

Renewing ILL Materials

Go/lib Tutorial

Categories: Navigation

Want a quick intro to what’s helpful for research on the go/lib page? Watch our tutorial:



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Refworks Tutorial

Categories: Reference

Create a RefWorks account using this quick tutorial:

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