Andy Nagy-Benson – All The Difference

Ai-Jen Poo – Building A Caring America

Natalie Randolph – Good Things Never Come Easy

Jaime Laidlaw – Failure In The Mountains

Ryan Kim – Train American

Kate Clopeck – The Road I Chose And The Car I Brought For The Ride

Polly Young-Eisendrath – Getting Free Of Self-Importance Is The Key To Happiness

Derek Amato – My Beautiful Disaster

Dean Karlan – Big Change, Small Change: The Limbo Game of Savings

Victoria Sweet – The Efficiency of Inefficiency

Featured TED Videos:

Bryan Stevenson, “We need to talk about an injustice”:

Candy Chang, “Before I die I want to…”:

Sugata Mitra, “New experiments in self-teaching”:


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