Flipped Classrooms

The Flipped Classroom community of practice will meet to share and discuss different ways of creating flipped classroom elements including videos, screencasts and podcasts as well as challenges and questions that faculty have faced as they create these pieces. Experienced and novice practitioners are encouraged to attend! Below you will find information about how to join the group listserv, who the current members are, as well as info about our upcoming programming.


If you are interested in being added to this group’s communications please send an email message to:  hstafford@middlebury.edu and explain that you would like to be added to the group. In addition, you can also request to join the group by going to go/flipped.

When you are added to the group we will add you to the membership list below.

Faculty Sponsor

Glen Ernstrom, Assistant Professor of Biology and Neuroscience


Vickie Backus Pam Berenbaum Jeff Byers Michael Durst
Ellie Gebarowski-Shafer Jeff Howarth Glen Ernstrom Shel Sax
Heather Stafford  Linda White

Past Events:

Please sign up to join us for the following brown bag lunches, (with coffee, tea and dessert) as we explore the practice of flipping a classroom and the challenges and opportunities it affords.

Student Considerations for Flipped Classrooms – Tuesday March 15, 12 – 1:30 – CTLR Lounge

Over j-term a small group of faculty who are working on creating flipped classroom videos met to discuss their methods, questions and challenges. One area of concern was that as faculty work to create out of class content delivery methods and in class active learning scenarios, they wonder if the decisions they are making may have unintended negative consequence for some student learners. In response to this inquiry we’ve asked ADA Coordinator Jodi Litchfield, and Director of Learning Resources, Yonna McShane to join us as we explore this topic in more depth.

Please bring an assignment, learning activity, or classroom method that you would like to share and examine with the group. Jodi and Yonna will share information at the start of the session, however the majority of our time will be spent in discussion around participant questions and scenarios. Register now!

Video Infrastructure – what supports are available? – Friday March 25, 12:30 – 2 – Wilson Media Lab (Davis Family Library – room 220)

Join us as we discuss the many components and supports that are available for creating a flipped classroom. If you have specific questions please email them ahead of time to hstafford@middlebury.edu. Register now!

Sharing my practice – Tuesday April 5, 12 – 1:30, Crest Room McCullough

In this session Pam Berenbaum, Professor of Practice in Global Health, and Vickie Backus, Senior Associate in Science will share the different methods that they are using to flip their classes, as well as what they’ve learned through their process, and suggestions for others. Register now!

Sharing my practice – Friday April 8, 12:30 – 2, CTLR Lounge

In this session Jeff Byers, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Ellie Gebarowski-Shafer, Assistant Professor of Religion will share the different methods that they are using to flip their classes, as well as what they’ve learned through the process, and suggestions for others. Register now!


Flipped Learning Network

Making Screencasts: The pedagogical framework by Robert Talbert

Making Screencasts: The talking head by Robert Talbert

Making Screencasts: The working example by Robert Talbert

How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos (pdf) – “Videos are a widely-used kind of resource for online learning. This paper presents an empirical study of how video production decisions affect student engagement in online educational videos. To our knowledge, ours is the largest-scale study of video engagement to date, using data from 6.9 million video watching sessions across four courses on the edX MOOC platform. We measure engagement by how long students are watching each video, and whether they attempt to answer post-video assessment problems.”

What makes an online instructional video compelling?“Video has supported education for many years, and in online courses instructional videos are often a key component.” – Educause article with helpful content for faculty considering a flipped classroom approach.

GIS at Midd – Assistant Professor of Geography Jeff Howarth’s collection of videos on YouTube to teach Fundamentals of GIS.