Thilan Tudor ’16

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Hometown: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

High School: Bayview Glen School, Toronto, Ontario

Major/Minor: Economics and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


Activities: Middlebury Student Emergency Response TeamMiddlebury Volunteer Ambulance Association, Cell Biology Teaching Assistant, Student Investment Committee, Middlebury Model United Nations

Study Abroad? (have you, or are you planning on it, where/when?): Planning on doing a semester in Paris, although the thought of doing a semester in Australia is making the decision difficult

Why did you choose Middlebury?

I basically flipped a mental coin when choosing between schools; there was no method to my college admissions madness. I had never visited Middlebury prior to orientation and had only visited  the United States three times before. However, every time I looked deeper into what Midd had to offer, a gut feeling began to develop. I couldn’t put into words but I knew that there was something about this liberal arts college in Vermont that clicked. From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew that Middlebury was the right fit for me.  From Middlebury’s beautiful rural setting in Vermont to its diverse and engaging student body, every day  I’m reminded that I made the right choice.

Why/How did you choose your major?

As of now, I’m planning on completing a double major in Economics and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. My First-Year Seminar, creatively named “Making Babies in a Brave New World” opened my eyes to different reproductive technologies and the associated scientific and societal issues. I love the interdisciplinary approach to studying current scientific developments, and the economic perspective on developments in cellular and molecular biology really interests me.

What was your biggest challenge transitioning into the college atmosphere?

The responsibility of balancing academic and extra-curricular activities while trying to fit in time to sleep was definitely my biggest challenge freshman year. There are so many opportunities and activities you can engage in at Middlebury; sometimes, you wish there were more hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to.

What is your fondest memory of Middlebury thus far?

Snowboarding at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl during J-Term with my friends. The heart-to-heart conversations on the chair lift were definitely memorable.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken here?

Economic Statistics with Professor Gong was a class that defined a liberal-arts education in my opinion. We applied statistical concepts to real-world economic issues. Our professor used some of his research on HIV/AIDS and sexual behaviour to really make the subject come to life. What was originally a required introductory  survey course into statistics for economics majors really became an enlightening educational experience.

What do you do in your spare time?

Hang out with my friends and explore Middlebury and  Vermont and everything they have to offer.  I’ll usually  be adding to my iTunes library or watching Mad Men on Netflix if I’m near my laptop. Sometimes, just getting in a car with a couple of friends and driving around Vermont can give you some your most memorable moments here.

Which Harry Potter character would you be and why?

Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to be the most popular guy in the world and be able to date your best friend’s sister without any fall out?

You’re taking a cross country road trip: which Middlebury professor do you bring along and why?

Professor Schumer from the Math department. He’d laugh at everything you say and you’d think that you actually have a decent sense of humour.

One piece of advice you would give prospective students in the admissions process?

Don’t focus on the outcome of the process no matter what the admissions decision is. Very rarely in life are you asked to answer very personal and self-reflexive  questions. If you stay true to yourself in your essays and interviews, not only can you discover new things about yourself, but also give admissions committees a candid and accurate representation of what makes you a unique applicant.

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