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My First Tour!

As the school year comes to a close and summer at Middlebury begins, a small group of students have begun working at the Admissions Office for the summer and I’m one of the newest ones! I’m a summer intern working at Admissions for the next few months and I gave my first tours today!

It’s usually prospective students who are nervous about coming up to see us, but oddly enough it was actually me who was nervous today. I had never given a tour before and there were so many people visiting that my nervousness just kept growing.

All my fears came to an end when I began my tour and saw that everyone was having a great time! It was an almost sunny day and the tourees definitely enjoyed that, plus they got to see all the Senior Week hub that’s taking place right now. They asked tons of questions, which made it great because interaction between the tour guide and the visitors makes the tour so much better and I think I hit all the main points of what makes Middlebury so great! Granted, walking backwards for the first time for an hour on a sprained ankle was no cake walk (see what I did there?) but my group made it very easy. I hope my visitors enjoyed being on the tour as much as I enjoyed giving it and here’s to more tours to come! (meaning you should come visit us so that I can give more tours!)