Eli Jones ’16

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Hometown: Tupelo, MS

High School: Tupelo High School

Major/Minor: Russian & Eastern European Studies and Philosophy Double Major

E-mail: ebjones@middlebury.edu

Activities: Club Water Polo, MCAB Marketing Committee

Study Abroad? (have you, or are you planning on it, where/when?): I plan on studying in Moscow during the fall of my Junior year, and possibly Oxford or London during the spring of my Junior year.

Why did you choose Middlebury?

I chose Middlebury because I wanted to go to a school where I could feel a sense of community, a place where everyone was friendly and I felt like I belonged. I wanted to grow as a person, both socially and intellectually. Even though I looked at many large schools, public and private, urban and rural, I still found that Middlebury was the best place for me. Part of me thought that going to a college roughly the size of my high school would leave me feeling cramped and trapped, but I came here anyways and was proved wrong.

Why/How did you choose your major?

I still have not technically declared a major, but I know that I am going to declare Russian & Eastern European Studies as my major in the fall. I came to Middlebury dead set on becoming a neuroscience major, but on a whim I decided that I wasn’t going to take biology during my first semester and I was going to take Russian 101 even though I am terrible at languages. That first semester Russian consumed more of my time than anything else, but I realized that while the work was difficult, I didn’t mind it as much because I was learning something that I truly enjoyed. I want to become fluent so naturally a major that requires me to learn the language, learn the culture, and spend time abroad in Russia is a perfect fit.

What was your biggest challenge transitioning into the college atmosphere?

Moving over a thousand miles from home was hard because all of a sudden I was in an area of the country with essentially a different climate and culture than what I was used to. I was more scared of the coming winter than meeting new people during my orientation week

What is your fondest memory of Middlebury thus far?

My fondest memory would probably be from the time when a couple houses got together to have a barbecue and have a few bands play one afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and my friends and I sat on the green grass eating our food and talking and then a friend and I threw a frizbiee while a band played close by.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken here?

International Politics with Professor Mark Williams

What do you do in your spare time?

If I had free time, I imagine that I would watch TV, any number of things outside, or go to the gym (only as a last resort).

Which Harry Potter character would you be and why?

Harry Potter, obviously

You’re taking a cross country road trip: which Middlebury professor do you bring along and why?

Pavlos Sfyroeras. The man is a genius with a heart of gold  and he is my favorite teacher that I have ever had.

One piece of advice you would give prospective students in the admissions process?

Finish your applications early, if you don’t you’ll be much more stressed than you otherwise would be.

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