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Reflections on Arabic Language School + Egypt-Jordan Study Abroad

By Zeke Caceres Speaking, listening, reading and writing strictly in Arabic for two months seems like an incredibly daunting ordeal to put oneself through. Nevertheless, about two weeks ago, I successfully completed Middlebury’s Summer Language School program in Arabic. Undergrads, … Continue reading

Things Along the Way

By: Nicolas Mendia I never really understood why people road biked. Why get all hot and sweaty going from one place to another when you have a car that can get you there in a quarter of a time with … Continue reading

New Faces, New Places

By Katie Taylor Summer here in the 802 has definitely been a different experience than my past summers in Oregon. We have had some pretty bizarre weather ranging from crazy intense thunderstorms to torrential down pours and now the blazing … Continue reading


by Audrey Goettl Introspection. This was the word on my mind as I transitioned from finishing my freshman year of college to starting my blissful three months of summer. My FYC (first year counselor – a sophomore who lived on … Continue reading

A New Perspective on Middlebury

Working in the Admissions Office this summer has been wonderful for a whole variety of reasons.  The experience of working in a real, bustling office environment and the wonderful community of friends at Admissions I’ve made have greatly exceeded my … Continue reading

A Hard Vermont Life

By Eli Jones It’s a hard life up here in Vermont. Sometimes I just don’t quite know how I manage to stay sane in the rugged wilderness that is Middlebury College.  Case-in-point, last week after a long day of slaving … Continue reading


By Nick Rehmus It says something about my personality that my first feelings when summer started were of guilt, not relief.  I should be doing something, I thought over and over again.  What am I forgetting?  Life at Middlebury can be very … Continue reading

Starting Summer at Midd

By Audrey Goettl I’m so excited to be spending my summer up here at Middlebury! Something I had always heard was that it was really worthwhile to spend at least one summer on campus, so I’m really grateful that I … Continue reading

Welcome to the Middlebury Admissions Summer Interns 2013 Blog!

By Thilan Tudor Welcome to the Summer Admissions Interns 2013 Blog! After a weird stretch of cold and rainy weather which forced Commencement indoors for the first time in 21 years, I think we can officially say summer has started … Continue reading


  This past week I took off work and went home for a vacation;  I was so excited to go home and see my family and all my friends. I hadn’t been home since spring break, and I was enthusiastic … Continue reading