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Some of you may have heard about the IPhone App MapMyRUN. Well, after walking backwards every day from one side of campus to the other and back, I was curious as to how far I was walking. The solution to … Continue reading

Middlebury Bucket List: #5 Swim in Lake Dunmore

          As a summer student employee, I am a part of a small community of students who are living and working here at Middlebury for a portion of the summer or the entire summer (like myself). … Continue reading

Alumni Weekend

Being in Middlebury during the summer has its own charm and atmosphere that is vastly different from the atmosphere during the academic year. This is true for both the town and the college itself. A lot of that change has … Continue reading

Life Abroad: 2 Students’ Perspectives

Below you will find two rising seniors’ accounts of their time abroad. One used a Middlebury approved but not directed program (he went to Oxford), and the other went to a Middlebury school abroad in Paris). They had very different … Continue reading

My First Tour!

As the school year comes to a close and summer at Middlebury begins, a small group of students have begun working at the Admissions Office for the summer and I’m one of the newest ones! I’m a summer intern working … Continue reading

A Typical Summer Tour

In case you can’t make it to campus, or you forget things about the tour you did go on, here is a brief summary of a typical tour during the summer. We hope you enjoy this mini-tour, and hopefully you’ll … Continue reading