Caroline Zitin ’14

Caroline Photo

Hometown: Berwyn, PA

High School: Conestoga High School

Major/Minor: Political Science (major) / French and Art History (minors)


Activities: Tour Guide Coordinator, JV Field Hockey, Page 1 Literacy Project

Study Abroad? I studied abroad in Paris, France my junior year during the fall semester (2012) with the Middlebury School in France

Why did you choose Middlebury?

I chose Middlebury because of its stellar academics and community feeling. I also liked the diversity of a liberal arts education because as a high school senior I had no idea what I wanted to focus on.

Why/How did you choose your major?

I chose my major after taking a political philosophy course my first year. I chose the class as a way to gage my interest in law, and ended up loving the class. When flipping through the course catalog for the following semester, I realized that I wanted to take almost every Political Science course offered.

What was your biggest challenge transitioning into the college atmosphere?

My biggest challenge was probably learning how to manage my workload. I’ve taken very few math and sciences courses here, so I tend to have a lot of reading to do, which I wasn’t used to.

What is you fondest memory of Middlebury thus far?

One of my favorite times at Middlebury was coming back to campus for the first time after studying abroad. I wasn’t officially coming back until the spring semester, so I stayed with a friend for a few days during J-term and was reminded how much I love Middlebury and the people I go to school with. My time abroad really made me appreciate the benefits of a rural, small, liberal arts school.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken here?

My favorite class that I’ve taken so far at Middlebury is Monuments and Ideas in Western Art with Pieter Broucke. I took it my first semester at Middlebury, and it was the first Art History class I had ever taken. It was this class that inspired me to continue studying Art History at Middlebury. I learned to look at art in completely new ways, and Professor Broucke was engaging and wonderful.

What do you do in your spare time?

If I’m not sleeping, I’m usually with friends at the Grille.

Which Harry Potter character would you be and why?

I’d like to say Hermione, but really I’d probably be in Hufflepuff.

You’re taking a cross-country road trip: which Middlebury professor do you bring along and why?

Probably Carrie Reed, she was my initial advisor at Middlebury and taught my freshmen seminar course Myth and Cosmology. She is really great to chat with, and has so many fun and interesting stories to tell.

One piece of advice you would give prospective students in the admissions process?

Relax! Try not to stress out, focus on finding the best fit for you where you’ll be happy and get a great education.

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