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Welcome to the Middlebury Admissions Summer Interns 2013 Blog!

By Thilan Tudor

Welcome to the Summer Admissions Interns 2013 Blog! After a weird stretch of cold and rainy weather which forced Commencement indoors for the first time in 21 years, I think we can officially say summer has started at Middlebury. Campus is strangely empty as of now, as spring semester ended and Language Schools haven’t started up yet. However, within the next couple of weeks hundreds of students will be coming to campus for Language schools and Middlebury students will be doing research with faculty and working on campus. Nick, Eli, Mirella and I are the summer interns working currently at Middlebury College Admissions in the Emma Willard House . After many group photos and brainstorming sessions on what to cook for our next meal (the dining halls are closed for the next week until Language Schools start up), we’ve definitely come together as group of interns. From a rising Junior Feb to  freshmen who just completed their first year, we have a wide range of experiences between us. With  Switzerland, Southern Virginia, Mississippi and Canada represented by the four of us, we’ve basically got the four corners of the globe covered as well. From fielding calls regarding the waitlist to giving tours in this beautiful summer weather at Middlebury, we’ve definitely been keeping busy. Learn more about us and the other Summer Admissions Interns by clicking on our picture (aren’t we a great looking group?).  We look forward to meeting you this summer and having the other summer interns join us on campus!