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Who stays at Middlebury in the summer?

In addition to the roughly 1,400 language school students on campus this summer, there are close to 200 summer workers who are staying at Middlebury for at least part of their summer to work a wide variety of positions around campus. Who are they? What are they doing here? Are they aware that school ended over two months ago? What do they look like? What are their favorite condiments?  Below are a small sample of students and their stories.



Jack Maher

Class of 2012

Hometown:   Oak Park, Illinois

Major:   Neuroscience

Minor:   Economics

Favorite Candy:   Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Movie:   Gladiator

Favorite Condiment:   Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

Summer Position:   Neuroscience Research Technician

Description:   We’re researching testosterone and its effects on spatial vs. reference, aka muscle, memory in rats.

Additional comments:   If you love being outside during the summer, Midd is the place to be: Swimming, volleyball, TONS of soccer, running, frisbee, hopscotch, etc. You name the activity and someone will want to do it too.

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