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New Faces, New Places

By Katie Taylor

Summer here in the 802 has definitely been a different experience than my past summers in Oregon. We have had some pretty bizarre weather ranging from crazy intense thunderstorms to torrential down pours and now the blazing heat. One thing that remains the same each and every day is the amount of people who come to visit Middlebury for the first or second time! One of the best parts of working in the admissions office over the summer, by far, is having the ability to meet all the wonderful people who travel the distance to come and see Middlebury. It is so nice to be able to take the time and chat with the various visitors that we have. Some days you meet someone who has traveled from far away places like Switzerland or Taiwan, but you also get to meet more local people from New Hampshire and Vermont. Coming from a small town in Oregon, it always amazes me to think about where I am and who I am surrounded by every day. Each student that walks through our doors throughout the day has a unique story and situation and the fact that I have the ability to interact with them, even if it’s only a brief conversation, is a really amazing thought.