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Festivity on the Green

The past week an incredible event occurred, Middlebury’s Festival on the Green, where, as you can imagine, a festival was held in the Middlebury on the Green Space between Main Street and Merchants Road. This was a whole week of free live music from various artists far and wide, and of course, the gathering of the whole town of Middlebury. Though I only attended three nights out of the seven, each night was full of vibrant artists that I had never heard of, but still thoroughly enjoyed.  The three groups I was able to see were Chamberlin, a band with two members who are from Middlebury, Babik, an impressive group with a man who did a duck call solo, and The Defibulators, an excellent band that played a variety of southern covers and originals.

Of course the music was great to listen to, but the best part was lying back on the green and simply staring at the sky lost in the moment. Sounds a bit cheesy, but even in Middlebury, finding a time to slow down and think to your-self can be hard to find. However, these moments would be broken quickly when I saw the typical Vermont dance attempt: slow swaying and awkward bobbing. Then again, the dance attempts made by the individuals in my group were not exactly impressive either. Regardless, the atmosphere of moving to music, interaction among the whole town and the general sense of community was fantastic, and though it was a week long, it would have been marvelous to extend its time.