A New Perspective on Middlebury

Working in the Admissions Office this summer has been wonderful for a whole variety of reasons.  The experience of working in a real, bustling office environment and the wonderful community of friends at Admissions I’ve made have greatly exceeded my expectations.  Moreover, some of the more specific functions of my job have given me a fascinating and wholly positive new  perspective on Middlebury through the eyes of some of its most senior faculty and staff.  As a Tour Guide Coordinator, part of my work over the summer involves updating the office on all the countless changes that happen to the programs and initiatives on this campus and ensuring that the information our counselors have and our tour guides speak about is as accurate and current as possible.  In that capacity, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with the heads of everything from Athletics to Study Abroad, Dining Services to Language School, The Project on Creativity and Innovation in the Liberal Arts to the College’s formal architectural master plan.  What I’ve come back with has been incredible; I have so much confidence in the vision and passion these people bring to their work and the departments they spearhead.  As a student and especially an underclassman, the workings of the administration can seem mysterious and disconnected from student life.  I’ve coming away from this summer absolutely secure in the knowledge that they are, in fact, entirely dedicated to students’ well being and the unparalleled educational experience Middlebury provides.  It’s so heartening to know the College is in such good hands.

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