Some of you may have heard about the IPhone App MapMyRUN. Well, after walking backwards every day from one side of campus to the other and back, I was curious as to how far I was walking. The solution to my problem was simple: instead of mapping my run, I would map my tour. When I got back to the admissions office, I was shocked and pleased at the statistics on my phone. Don’t be intimidated by them, though. You must keep in mind that we meander through campus. This is not how much you have to walk to get to class. So the stats are as follows:

Every tour is 2.52 miles of walking, forward for all of you, backwards for us tour guides.

We gain an elevation of 55 feet.

We burn 259 calories.

That is one impressive tour, if I do say so myself. So come and join us for a brisk walk through campus, and you can work off that milkshake you ate last night (or at least I can).

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