Who stays at Middlebury in the summer?

In addition to the roughly 1,400 language school students on campus this summer, there are close to 200 summer workers who are staying at Middlebury for at least part of their summer to work a wide variety of positions around campus. Who are they? What are they doing here? Are they aware that school ended over two months ago? What do they look like? What are their favorite condiments?  Below are a small sample of students and their stories.



Jack Maher

Class of 2012

Hometown:   Oak Park, Illinois

Major:   Neuroscience

Minor:   Economics

Favorite Candy:   Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Movie:   Gladiator

Favorite Condiment:   Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

Summer Position:   Neuroscience Research Technician

Description:   We’re researching testosterone and its effects on spatial vs. reference, aka muscle, memory in rats.

Additional comments:   If you love being outside during the summer, Midd is the place to be: Swimming, volleyball, TONS of soccer, running, frisbee, hopscotch, etc. You name the activity and someone will want to do it too.



Ari Lattanzi

Class of 2013

Hometown:   Los Altos, CA

Double Major:   Latin American Studies, Political Science

Minor:   Global Health

Favorite Sports:   Rugby & Soccer

Favorite Veggies:   Carrots and Broccoli

Summer Position:   Middlebury College Organic Garden intern

Description:   I get to play with dirt, sow seeds, pull weeds, and harvest fruits and veggies, along with working on other fun garden projects such as renovating the firepit.

Outside of work: I’m a firefighter and an EMT, and I’ve been working in these capacities as much as possible. I’ve been to the swimming holes in the area as much as possible!

Additional:   I Love Middlebury in the summer!



Melissa Shapiro

Class of 2013

Hometown:   Chappaqua, NY

Major:   Human Ecology (Environmental Studies-Anthropology)

Favorite Tree: Willow (the weeping kind)

Favorite Animal: African Elephants

Summer position: Middlebury Community Care Coalition (MCCC) Summer Intern

Description:   I help run the community lunch and dinner programs which offer free meals to those with lower incomes and those living in poverty. I also manage a small town garden and work on a farm as part of  MCCC’s Farm-to-Table initiative, which aims to introduce fresh produce to community lunch and dinner participants.

Outside of work:   I have taken advantage of some quintessential Vermont activities, such as day hikes, berry picking, and music and hot-air balloon festivals!

Additional:   I do miss the usual snow-covered campus…but I’ve loved spending so much time outdoors (while in flip-flops!)



Jennifer Nelthropp

Class of 2012

Hometown:   St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Major:   History

Favorite Cruzan Word:   Chups!

Favorite Baby Animal:   Sea turtle

Favorite Popsicle Color/Flavor:   Pink

Summer position:   Language Schools Office Assistant

Description:    At the Language School Offices, student workers are in charge of making arrival packets, welcoming students, helping coordinate the visits of numerous language school guests, general administrative duties, etc.

Outside of work:   Swimming, pretending to not be good at games and then actually being good at them.



Wyatt Komarin

Class of 2012

Hometown:   Roxbury, Connecticut

Favorite Kitchen Appliance:    Panini Machine

Favorite Insult:   Turd-burgler

Summer Position:   Solar Decathlon Architecture Co-Lead

Description:   We are designing and building a solar powered house for an international competition. I design things, I hammer things, and I buy things.

Outside of work:   I enjoy frolicking in waterfalls, going to the gym, and hiking about.



Martine Stewart

Class of 2012

Hometown:   Santa Ana, CA

Major:   Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Favorite kitchen gadget I still don’t have:   Immersion blender

Favorite funny summer tan:   Chacos

Favorite admissions employee:   Paul Hildebrand

Summer position:   Molecular biology research

Description:   I study a genes that mice need to be fertile (humans have the same gene, it’s just that they’re harder to study).  Lately I’m studying protein interactions.  It mostly involves mixing really small volumes of liquid in really specific ways.

Outside of work:   I’ve done lots of swimming, cooking, settling Catan, goat-sitting, parties, volleyball, singing, writing letters.

Additional:   Middlebury without homework and with positive temperatures is ideal.  It’s hard not to have a great time.



Max Odland

Class of 2012

Hometown:   Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Major:   Conservation Biology

Favorite garden tool:   Scythe, followed by stirrup hoe

Favorite martial art:   Capoeira

Favorite small adorable mammal:   Woodland jumping mouse

Summer position(s):   Research Assistant for the Middlebury College Lands Ecological Evaluation

Description of what you do:   I explore, describe, and map natural communities on the college’s forested lands in the green mountains.  The end goal is a report that will highlight ecologically important and interesting areas and help the college to make better land management decisions.

What have you done outside of work this summer:   I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the swimming holes in the area, hiking, playing music, and generally living it up.

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