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The great MIIS tradition of cross-cultural lunches returns this next Tuesday
and Thursday, September 15 and 17. They start at 12:15 sharp in the HollandĀ 
Center courtyard.

For the last five years, about 250 students and 30 faculty and staff have
taken part each fall. There will beĀ  5 or 6 crosscultural lunches during the first half of fall semester and no more this academic year.

One needs to sign up at the Career Advising Center on the third floor of the
McCone Building at the reception desk. Students are placed six to a table,
mixed up by nationality and academic program and a cross-cultural question is
facilitated by a faculty member. The feedback is that the discussions are
lively, informativeĀ  and entertaining! Everyone is welcome!

Professor Peter Grothe, Ph.D.
Director of International Student Programs
tel. 831-647-4129
email: pgrothe@miis.edu

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