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 This is just a friendly reminder that the Student Affairs Office is now accepting student Commencement Speaker nominations from members of the Graduating Class of May 2009.  The deadline for nominations is this Friday, March 13th! You must be a May 2009 graduating student to participate.  You may nominate a classmate or yourself.  When making your nomination decision, please consider a person that would best represent the entire student body of the Institute rather than a particular graduate school or degree program.

Please refer to the schedule of important deadlines below:

Continue to check the Graduating Students Conference on First Class for updates and additional information related to Commencement. We will also be sending important emails directly to your email inbox.

Commencement Speaker nominations are due in Student Affairs Friday, March 13th, at 5 pm. You can either email your nomination to:  “Student Affairs”
in First Class or stop by the Student Affairs Office and submit your nomination. All nominees who accept their nomination will present a 3-5 minute summary of their Commencement speech to fellow graduates at the Graduating Students Meeting on Thursday, March 19th, at 12:00pm in Irvine. The Graduating Students Meeting is very important because we will cover important information about Commencement day logistics, graduation announcements, required paperwork needed for clearance, diplomas and more!   The meeting begins at 12:00pm and will conclude at 2:00pm.  The speakers will present at some point during the meeting (times to be determined)……….and we will be streaming live on the web as well as videotaping this meeting!

Commencement Speaker Elections will take place in the Student Affairs Office from Thursday, March 19th at 2pm through Friday, April 3rd at 5pm. You can stop by the Student Affairs Office and cast your vote or you can do so by email to “Student Affairs” in First Class. The Student Commencement Speaker winner will be announced by email to the graduating students as well as posted on conferences for the MIIS community. Speaker will rehearse their speech with Ashley Arrocha to get timing and pacing perfected.

If you should have any questions, please contact any of us here in the Student Affairs Office.


Shawna Routh
Administrative Assistant
Student Affairs & Office of International Services

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