Fall Symposium ’13, Humans: Not for sale

Did you know that modern day slavery generates $30 billion per year, making it the second most profitable criminal industry behind? Or that there are more slaves today than ever before in human history? Or how about that the average human life in (blank) is (blank)?

Though slavery is mistakenly considered by some a barbaric but eliminated practice, the trade of humans still exists in our world today and in many different forms: bonded labor, child labor, trafficking, and sex slavery – to name a few – and is estimated to affect some 27 million people per year.

Come join us in bringing modern day slavery to the center of campus dialogue through our MCAB-funded Fall Symposium, “Humans: Not for Sale”! This symposium will feature five phenomenal speakers and awareness events (such as a screening and an Atwater dinner) that will examine the issue at different scales – nationally and internationally – and from multiple different perspectives: the survivor, the academic, and the activist, and more.

If you are interested in human trafficking, social justice, international development, NGO work, social entrepreneurship, or even slam poetry, we’ve got a week of events right up your alley, so pull out your pens and mark down the following events from November 4-8!

Atwater Dinner – Indian Food
6pm Atwater Dining Hall
Come on down to Atwater dining hall for our opening event of Middlebury’s Fall Symposium, “Humans: Not For Sale”! Enjoy delicious Indian food, and learn about the anti-trafficking events that will be going on at Middlebury during this week. Come early, first 100 ID holders get fed! We will be accepting donations and selling prayer flags, so we encourage you to bring your wallets as well!


Christina Bain, Former Director of Human Trafficking program at Harvard
 Axinn 229
Christina Bain, activist and former director of the Massachusetts Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence, has spent her career addressing human trafficking within the United States. Her public policy and data-driven approaches show new possibilities for tackling human rights issues. Come join us to hear more about human trafficking in our own backyards and the work that is being done to end it! Snacks will be provided!

“Born into Brothels” Film Screening
7pm Bihall 216
A brothel seems like the last place on Earth where someone would raise a child, but for many children this nightmare is a reality. ‘Born Into Brothels’ follows two documentary filmmakers as they get to know the children of the prostitutes working in the red light district of Sonagchi, Calcutta, India. Come on over to learn more about the difficult lives of these kids, and how education is creating hope for their futures. Snacks will be provided!

Rebecca Kantar, The CEO of Minga
Hillcrest 103
Rebecca Kantar left Harvard in 2012 following her sophomore year to devote herself fully to advocacy for human trafficking around the globe. In 2007 she founded Minga, the first organization focused on teen activism about human trafficking She continues to link promising young social entrepreneurs to resources and investors with her new organization BrightCo. Come join us for her talk if you are drawn to the nexus between youth activism, social justice, and social entrepreneurship! Snacks will be provided!

Stacy Jewell Lewis, Spoken Word Performer and Survivor
8:00pm Crossroads
Stacy Jewell Lewis is more than just a survivor of domestic sex trafficking in the US. At the age of 19 she was abducted in Washington, DC entering the dark world of sex trafficking. Today, Stacy is a sought after Spoken Word Performer with the National Survivor Network and Survivors of Slavery Speakers Bureau. She believes that helping survivors and advocates find their voice through creative expression is vital to the movement of ending modern day slavery. Snacks will be provided!

E. Benjamin Skinner, Keynote Speaker
4:30pm Dana Auditorium
Recently named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, E. Benjamin Skinner has gone undercover at his own risk to be the first person in history to witness negotiations for the sale of human beings on four continents. Skinner has gone to the underworld few of us have dared to access, never mind to confront, and his book A Crime So Monstrous opens the eyes and shakes the conscience of the reader, lighting up those corners of the world that few of us inspect first-hand. From mega- harems in Dubai to illicit brothels in Bucharest, from slave quarries in India to child markets in Haiti, Skinner explores the underside of a world we scarcely recognize as our own and lays bare a parallel universe where human beings are bought, sold, used, and discarded. There will be an opportunity for questions and book signing following the event. Snacks will be provided!

Melissa Albanese, Fundraising Advisor for ECPAT
4:30pm Axinn 229
Come hear Melissa Albanese, young activist and McGill graduate, speak about her work as the Communications and Fundraising Advisor for the NGO ECPAT Cambodia (End Child Prostitution Abuse and Trafficking in Cambodia). Melissa has recently returned to the NY/NJ area after a year in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where she was a General Education Kindergarten teacher. She has a deep love of researching, writing and editing, and a passion for following political and world events. A worthwhile event for any and all interested in international NGO work, human trafficking, or Southeast Asia! Snacks will be provided!



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