Varsity Men

The Men’s Squash Team has been a varsity team for less than a decade. They were not granted varsity status until 2007, three decades after the women’s team was. However, the men did develop a club team in 1975 and maintained it through the early years of the twenty-first century. They gained momentum in 2002 when David Schwartz signed on to be their coach. He reinvented the team and by 2006, they were competing intercollegiately and at the national tournament.

 The start of the varsity program in 2007 was fostered by the addition of Head Coach John Illig. That year, the men participated in the NESCAC Tournament for the first time ever. In 2010 the team set a school-record with 20 wins. In the 2011-2012 season, the Panthers climbed their way to their best national ranking to date, fourteenth. The men’s most recent success came in the 2013 season when they won the Summers Cup. See the links below to learn more about development of the club team and the achievements of the varsity team over the years.

Men’s Awards & Championships






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