Coaching Staff


John Illig is currently the Panther’s squash coach for both varsity teams. He came to Middlebury in 2007 and has 20 years of experience coaching squash. Please see his full bio on Middlebury’s Athletic website.

Previous Coaches:


Mike Morgan was the head coach for only one season, 2006-2007. He continues to coach Varsity Women’s Tennis here at Middlebury and run CATZ training for students and the Middlebury community. Please see his full bio on the Middlebury Athletics website.


David Saward came to Middlebury in 1985 and coached the Women’s varsity team from his arrival until 2006. He is still currently part of the Middlebury staff as the Men’s varsity soccer coach. Please see his full bio¬†on the Middlebury Athletics website.

Coach Ron McEachen

The first coach for the Women’s varsity team was Ron McEachen. He coached for 9 years, from 1976/77 until 1984/85. In addition to squash, he coached Men’s Varsity soccer and was occasionally pulled in to help coach winter teams, like basketball.


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