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Squash is played all over the world and across the United States, but is not yet recognized as an Olympic sport. It has been lobbied for the 2016 and 2020 summer Olympics, losing to golf and rugby, then wrestling, respectively. However, the sport is growing and is being played by more and more people. It appeals to athletes of all ages and is the most-calorie-burning and cardio-intensive sport.

q9fy4i0pgdpufpbz¬†At Middlebury, squash is becoming more recognized and it is attracting more students and community interest. It is one of the few co-ed sports where the women’s team achieved varsity status before the men did. Not only do team members use the facility, but it is also used for recreational purposes. Many other varsity teams can be found using the squash courts when the two teams are not practicing.


Men’s and Women’s current team members and alumnae at the opening of the new squash center in October, 2013.

Both teams are involved in community service and are hoping to share their love of squash with everyone. In the fall of 2013, the two teams decided to host a free squash clinic for kids between ages 5-15 for the families of faculty and staff every Sunday morning.

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