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Class schedule

This is the (tentative) class-by-class schedule that I envisage for this course. As usual, there will be changes here and there as the term unfolds, but it should give you a clear idea on what we intend to cover over the semester. This is also where a lot of the course materials will be uploaded (lecture slides, readings, assignments, exams). It’s a convenient way of grouping (almost) everything in one table on a single page. So, do check here often.

Date Topics Readings Assignments and other information
Feb 9

Introduction to language and linguistics

— Also administrivia (course info, syllabus, etc.)

Lecture slides

Feb 11

More on language and linguistic analysis

Lecture slides

Read Chapter 1 from Isac and Reiss’s (2013) I-Language
Feb 16

Crash course in phonetics and the IPA

Lecture slides

Read at least pp. 15-37 in Dobrovolsky’s introductory chapter on phonetics in O’Grady et al’s (2005) Assignment 1 due
Feb 18

Introducing morphology


Lieber Chapters1-2
Feb 23

The mental lexicon


Lecture slides

Think about Exercises 4, 5, and 6 from Wednesday’s handout

Finish reading Lieber Chapter 2, particularly pp. 15-21

Lieber Chapter 3, pp. 32-43

Feb 25

More on derivation and morphological trees

Lecture slides

Lieber Chapter 3, pp. 43-53

Lieber Chapter 5

Assignment 2 is due on Friday Feb 27 at 10am by e-mail or in hard copy
Friday Feb 27 A linguistics talk by Prof. Norma Mendoza-Denton (UCLA) @4:30pm in RAJ
March 2

Compounding and other word-formation  processes

Productivity and creativity

Lecture slides

Finish reading Lieber Chapter 3, pp. 43-53

Lieber Chapter 4

March 4


Lecture slides

Lieber Chapter 6 Assignment 3 is due on Sun March 8 by 2pm via e-mail
March 9

Inflection cont.

Morphological typology

Lecture slides


Think about the exercises on the handout I gave out last class

Finish reading Chapter 6 if you haven’t done that already

Lieber Chapter 7

March 11


Lecture slides

Lieber Chapter 9

Also, fill out the questionnaire

March 16

Syntax: Introduction to generative grammar

Parts of speech

Lecture slides


Carnie Chapter 1

Carnie Chapter 2


Part A of Assignment 4 due in class, or by e-mail no later than 2pm

Talk by Prof. Shawna Shapiro on “My struggle made me strong: Discursive resistance in the personal narrative of a refugee-background student” (RAJ @ 4:30)

March 18

UG: principles and parameters theory

Lecture slides

Carnie chapters 1 and 2 cont. Part B of Assignment 4 is due Fri March 20 by 4pm via e-mail only
March 20-29 SPRING BREAK
March 30

Constituency, trees, and rules

Lecture slides

Carnie Chapter 3 Take-home midterm assigned
April 1

Structural relations

Lecture slides


Carnie Chapter 4 Talk by Prof. Marybeth Nevins on “Maidu Language Creation Stories in a Shared Californian Landscape” (Hillcrest 103 @ 4:30)
April 2 Additional session on midterm and other questions in Library 201 – 4:30-5:45pm.
April 6

X-bar Theory

Lecture slides

Carnie Chapter 6
April 8 No class Take-home midterm due via e-mail no later than 2pm
April 13

Functional categories

Lecture slides


Carnie Chapter 7


April 15

Theta Theory

Parameter for word order variation

Lecture slides

Carnie Chapter 8

Carnie Chapter 9

Assignment 5 due on Friday April 17 by e-mail at 2pm
April 20

Head movement


Lecture slides

Carnie Chapter 10

Carnie Chapter 12

250-word paper proposal due
April 22

Data analysis (Colorado and Trique of Copala)

Wh-movement in multiple wh-questions


Lecture slides

Finish reading Carnie Chapter 12
April 27


– The languages of Europe and Eurasia

– The Languages of South and Southeast Asia

– The Languages of the Americas

– Comrie et al’s The Atlas of Languages

– Pereltsvaig’s Languages of the World

April 29


– Pidgins and Creoles

– The languages of Africa and the Middle East

– The languages of the Pacific

– Comrie et al’s The Atlas of Languages

– Pereltsvaig’s Languages of the World

Assignment 6 due on Thursday April 30 by e-mail at 5pm
May 4

Presentation: The languages of Australia

Processes that change grammatical relations: Passives, causatives, and applicatives

Lecture slides

Lieber Chapter 8 on syntax and morphology

Carnie Chapter 11 (focus on the section on passives)

May 6

Polysynthesis: Mohawk

Course response forms

Carnie  Chapter 18 Assignment 7 is due on Friday May 8 by e-mail at 5pm
May 7 Talk by Prof. Seunghun J. Lee (Central Connecticut State University) on “Language documentation and linguistic theory: The Cases of Xitsonga and Nuosu Yi” in Axinn 219 @ 4:30
Friday May 15 Final paper due by e-mail at 7pm



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