Midd Presentations


Date  Linguistics Talks at Middlebury College Resource
Fall 2015 “Familial Capital and the Education of Refugee-background Students” Download PDF
Spring 2015 “My Struggle Made Me Strong: Discursive Resistance in the  Personal    Narrative of a Refugee-background Student.” Download PDF
Spring 2012

“Voices from the ;ESL Ghetto’: Racial Identity, Imagined Community, and Educational Critique among Refugee/Immigrant Youth”

Download PDF
    Fall 2009 Applied Linguistics 101 Download PDF
Winter 2010 Cafecito: Generation 1.5 Download PDF
Date Education Studies Talks at Middlebury College Resource
October 9, 2009 Critical Literacy for Multilingual (ESL/ELL) Students Download Powerpoint (PDF)Download Questions (PDF)
October 2010 What does Educational Research tell us about Promoting Academic Literacy with Multilingual (ESL/ELL) Students? Download PDF
Date Pakistan Talks
January 16, 2011 Talk One
February 15, 2011 Talk Two