Our Change in Philosophy

Previously the FC functioned like a nervous parent watching over every organization’s spending. We had two levels of approval, one during budgeting and one when we’d release funds. Student organizations were assumed to be irresponsible and we realized this was a mistake.

Our new philosophy is to treat groups like a business. No, we don’t expect you to make a profit but we want you to be more responsible for yourselves and your money. We want you to learn some business skills. If you want to have an event, do your research, create a plan, know your costs and execute. Budget your entire year, look months in advance, brainstorm and discover new ways to spread your interest to the campus. Innovation, as it is in the business world, will be rewarded. We realize many groups have popular traditional events that are planned months ahead of time, and we are not suggesting canceling those to try something unproven. However, many groups also have poorly attended and ill planned events, those are the ones we suggest reconsidering. You can come back for more money, but realize your past events, spending, level of organization, and presentation will have a large impact on our decision to fund. The FC will function like a investment group and we only want to make good investments.