Minutes: 01/25/12

Meeting 1: Caribbean Society – Money for Spring

  • Caribbean society needs more money to throw a better party in a bigger venue.  Paint party moves from lofo to Tavern, therefore more tarps are needed.
  • DJ, facilities(charges an arm and a leg) in 1,200 paint party .
  • Scott notes that we need to think more before we allocate more money to retroacteively fix over spending..
  • Only has about  $500 left in budget.
  • Voted 7-0 to grant $1,450 to PCSO.

Meeting 2: Otter Nonseense – Chicago Trip

  • Need money to go to Chicago.
  • Eight members going to Chicago
  • $4,904 for airfare ($611 per person)
  • Adjusted down to $2,306 if flying out of Manchester.
  • $481.24 for total hotels
  • $160 for public transit
  • $5,545 total
  • We’re likely to give a per person figure
  • $334 per person if they fly out of Manchester in addition to gas reimbursement
  • Voted 7-0 to grant otter nonsense $1600 ($200 per person).

Meeting 3: MiddCheer-Problem with Facilities?

  • Facilites built a storage unit wrong?
  • Originally the storage unit was supposed to be built last year.
  • Facilites messed up padlocks.
  • Scott wishes to address difficulties of passing on the group.
    • The group seems to do very little.
    • No one on the group has dedication and time to cheer at sports meets.
  • Two or three under classmen and five seniors.
  • No action needed as covered  by spring allocation.

Meeting 4: Fencing-Money for new equipment

  • New members, so they need new equipment.
  • Sent 15 to UVM, and were able to borrow equipment.
  • Can fencing members bring their own equipment?
  • Suggested that fencing have a fee.
  • Voted 6-1 to grant fencing $533.

Meeting 5: Women of Color-Spring 2012 budget

  • Have asked other sources for money.
  • All four clubs attending Black Solidarity Conference will make collective presentation for a conference.  This funding is exempt from voting.
  • Women’s history month dinner is more fancy. 
  • Black solidarity tabled.
  • Voted 7-0 to grant $350

Minutes: 01/18/12

Middlebrow T-shirt loan

  • T-shirt loan for Middlebrow
  • Has already commissioned design
  • $350 for run of 50 t-shirts.
  • Sell them between $10 and $15
  • Hopefully will repay loan by the end of the semester.
  • Voted 6-0 in favor of three month loan for $350 to Middlebrow.

Japanese club

  • 300-400 attendees estimated based on the fact that the ISO show drew that many.
  • Opened up to the public.  Burlington Middlebury
  • Have met with all people
  • Free event.
  • Numbers for event on e-mailed docs.
  • Voted 6-0 in favor of $1100 funding.

Minutes: 01/11/12

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

  • Asking for $150 per person for thirty people to go to New Orleans
  • We paid $125 last year per person
  • ACE Office out of fund money
  • Fundraise via grants, Grille delivery, Winter Carnival coat check, etc.
  • Per student cost increase from last year: $495 to $575
  • 30-50 students potentially going this year
  • Voted 5-1 to increase funding in proportion to the increase in trip cost, to $145 per person.

Poor form poetry wants to go to poetry slam at Yale

  • Last year they got funding from Ross Commons and Pres. Leibs
  • Now Student Org., need money to go on trip.
  • Gas: 460 miles round trio
    • Driving personal car, gas fee??
    • Registration: $200 total
    • Housing: La Quinta Inn, New Haven
      • $330 for two rooms town nights
      • Food: $30 per person per day.  $360 in all
      • Voted 6-0 in favor of $675 funding for poor form poetry slam.

Spring Break trips holistically

  • Should we start looking at them to say, we can’t fund all spring break trips
  • Should we be focusing on community service trips rather than club sports?

Minutes: 11/30/11


–       Looking for concert funding that is not from MCAB, Student Activities or MMU.

–       Received funding for Fall Concert and Small Concert Series.

–       Still need funding for Sepomena 2012.

–       $9,960 of $11,800. Have $3,500 left from operating budget.

–       Still have to pay licensing and Gary, operator.

–       Why is funding important? MCAB has a good role of bringing big name artists in large venues. BUT WRMC wants to satisfy more people.

–       Create a music scene. Smaller venues. Smaller budgets.

–       Sepomena (What they want the budget for). Want $15,000.

–       Goal is to increase the quality and profile of the bands. Increase attendance. Recoup costs with ticket sales.

–       Revenue from previous shows have been $1750-$2000.

–       Make it cheap and affordable for students.

–       Want to develop more musical tastes.

–       Looking to collaborate with other concert organization on campus.

–       In the past when MCAB handled funding, revenue went back to MCAB.

Architecture Table

–       Hello Wyatt and Casey!

–       Discussion group that meets every two weeks.

–       Want to bring in speakers, screenings and field trips (Modern Vermont Tour).

–       One year subscription to Architecture Record. $50 budget.

–       Email list is 100 people. Attendance to meeting is about 25.

–       Also want architecture supplies. For the use of the whole group.

–       Cut guest lectures, which they can get funding through MCAB Speakers.  Cut field trips until we get more details.  Cut film screenings in half- $250 is reasonable for a single film to start.  Cut architectural supplies, which are essentially giveaways.  Cut other event expenses, which are included in discretionary.  Vote $500 5-0.

Japanese Club

–       Hello Jerry and Jenny

–       Japanese Fashion Show during J-Term. In McCullough Social Space.

–       Educational—open to entire school. Free of charge. Commentators during the show to explain subcultures and other elements of Japanese fashion.

–       No food and no after show activities, which would only benefit participants of the show, not the broader community- not part of the club’s mandate. Vote $1200 5-0

Middlebrow Improv

–       Hello Mark and Alyssa

–       Want to do a February Tour.  Last year it was funded by their revenue from MiddQuid.

–       Want to do “Beanpot Competition”. Improv Olympics at Improv Boston.

–       Want to do T-shirts to be self-sustaining.

–       $870. T-shirts will be on loan (Leo). $200 for discretionary.


–       Hello?

–       No-shows.

JStreet U Middlebury

–       Funding for a training workshop during J-Term.

–       Student leaders of JStreet U will spend Jan. 12-15 with other student leaders around the country.  They will learn new strategies for programming, engaging students and they will also have an opportunity with other leaders in the organizations.

–       2 seniors and 1 junior will go.  Although they will be graduating, they will be able to build instant connections with the bigger organization. Hopefully this will benefit the club.

–       Just $600 dollars for program fees. 5-0

Minutes: 11/16/11

Feb celebration committee:

  • Very similar to last years
    • Only change is a 21 Days party at two brothers
    • Detailed.  No substantial questions were raised.
    • $7,700 raised to $7,800.  $100 added to the discretionary. 4-0


  • $191.50 taken out of gift account during the summer, because operating account was inaccessible when the invoice was submitted (late) from Dunmore Acres, where the team stores their boats.
  • Voted 6-0 to transfer $191.50 to gift account.

Globemed – World Aids day:

  • Raise awareness about aids “people kind of know about it”
  •  (We’ve known about aids since the ‘80’s????)
  •  “This year’s aids day is very important to us”
  • Ribbon/pin “just to give out”
  • These ribbons will supposedly help us think about aids in sub-Saharan Africa?
  • Ribbons are symbolic of HIV-AIDS(?)
  • Jello® shots were discussed—
  • Precedent setting vote- We will now fund reasonable expendables if this vote passed
  • Voted 4-2 in favor of ribbons for AIDS Day.  Rational: Show the importance of aids around the campus, and raise significant level of campus awareness.


  • Substantial portion of Crew’s budget remains unseen.
  • What can we reasonably expect to pay for?
  • Assistant Coach-paid at $12 an hour (~$8,000/yr)
    • Coaches Novice team.
    • Coached at Cal in the ‘70’s
    • Regatta entry Fees are Substantial: $7,100 yearly.
    • Transportation costs-
      • Buses: sometimes charter to avoid dangerous student driving at bad hours
      • Truck: cover maintenance costs even though they share with the Nordic ski team
      • Vans
      • Diesel
      • Capital expenditures—
        • Docks circa $10,000 will need to be replaced in the next few years.
        • Trailer will also need to be replaced.
        • Further discussion on deprecation proposed:
          • Around $2,000 per year.
          • None of it is saved.
          • Want to increase number to allow new boats to be replaced.  Desired amount 5-8 Grand
          • Loan-due at the spring of each year.
            • First payment spring of 2013.
            • Decided to give crew more money for their operating budget to alleviate their dependence on fundraising.  Raised their budget to $23,550.  Operating Budget raised by $5,000.
            • In the spring FC would like to see five year plan for their organization.

Yoga: New Club

  • They were inspired their first semester by a yoga class they took
  • Sophomore fall, they got funding from Atwater
  • They lost funding due to bureaucratic complications and people had to pay
  • Abroad in the spring, now back and interested in creating a venue through which students can consistently enjoy free yoga classes
  • Email list of ~80 students
  • Teacher’s rate (very reasonable): half the amount it would cost for a student to take class in town
  • Each class would cost $150 at a rate of $7.50/student x 20 students; thus having open admission would lower the per student cost
  • PE credit costs about $150 per student
  • Benefit: trained professional for safety and personal development
  • Vote taken 6-0.  Rational: New club, unknown interest level.  Decided to fund half of the eight proposed January sessions, and fund half of the tne proposed ten professional sessions during Spring Semester.