Meet the FC!

Olivia Aborn

Olivia Aborn ‘15.5, Chairwoman

Major: History

Extracurriculars: Peer Writing Tutor

Hometown: Hingham, MA

(Tibs) Hannah Tiberend

Hannah Tiberend ’15, Head of Loans

Major: Math

Extracurriculars: Mischords

Hometown: Napa, CA

Firas Omer

Firas Omer ’15, MCAB Treasurer

Major: Neuroscience and Economics

Extracurriculars: MCAB, Omega Alpha, Grill Master, SGA Senator

Hooksett, NH


Zachary Isaacs ‘15.5, Constitution Lead

Major: Physics

Extracurriculars: Cycling Club, Coffee Club

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Olena Ostasheva

Olena Ostasheva ’16

Major Economics and Math minor

Extracurriculars: SIC and dancing

Hometown: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Aaron deToledo ’16, Webmaster

Major: Economics and Philosophy minor

Extracurriculars: Cross Country and Track coach, Wonnacott FYC

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Ilana Gratch

Ilana Gratch ’16, SGA Treasurer

Major: Psychology

Extracurriculars: SGA Press Secretary, Tour Guide, Hillel, Tavern

Hometown: Larchmont, NY

Tiff Chang

Tiffany Chang ’17

Major: Environmental Economics

Extracurriculars: Rugby, RISE, Community Council, SGA EAC, road biking, FOO!

Hometown: Marin, CA

Joy Wood

Joy Wood ’17

Major: Undeclared

Extracurriculars: Dolci, future Atwater FYC, IM Hockey

Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan

Kevin Benscheidt

Kevin Benscheidt ’17, Social Chair

Major: Economics, Philosophy and Theater double minor

Extracurriculars: Club Water Polo, Theatre, Mountain Club

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Julia Shumlin

Julia Shumlin ‘17.5

Major: Undeclared

Extracurriculars: Page One Literacy Program, Meditation Club

Hometown: Putney, Vermont