Meet the FC!


Aaron de Toledo ’16, Chairman

Major: Economics and Philosophy minor

Extracurriculars: Cross Country and Track coach, Wonnacott FYC

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Benscheidt

Kevin Benscheidt ’17, Deputy Chair (Semester Off)

Major: Economics, Theater

Extracurriculars: Club Water Polo, Oratory Club,

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Julia Shumlin

Julia Shumlin ‘17.5, Deputy Chair (Abroad)

Major: Sociology, Spanish

Extracurriculars: Page One Literacy Program, Meditation Club

Hometown: Putney, Vermont

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Abbie Spector ’17, Deputy Chair

Major: Geography

Extracurriculars: Hillel, Tour Guide, Juntos, Tavern

Hometown: Devon, Pennsylvania


Tavic Francis’ 17, Deputy Chair

Major: Political Science, Philosophy

Extracurriculars: Tour Guide Coordinator, Admissions ASA, Socially Responsible Investment Club,

Hometown: Jamaica & New York City


Elisa Berger ’16.5

Major: Economics

Extracurriculars: Language Tables, CTLR Tutoring, 180 Degrees Consulting, Photography

Hometown: Munich, Germany


Will Dowling ’18

Major: Political Science

Extracurriculars: Varsity Swimming, Environmental Council

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio


Cara Eisenstein ’18

Major: International Political Economy

Extracurriculars: Feminist in Action, WRMC Radio Show, Tour Guide

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

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Tina Chen ’18

Major: Computer Science

Extracurriculars: SGA, MAlt, First Year Mentoring Program, Community Friends, Charter House, Figure Skating Club 

Hometown: Danville, California


Daniel Buchman ’18.5

Major: Economics

Extracurriculars: Constitutional Committee (Chairperson), Debate Society, Language Tables, Hepburn Zoo

Hometown: New York City


Peter Dykeman-Bermingham’ 18.5

Major: Chemistry

Extracurriculars: Stuck in the Middle, Ordinary Days, FYC, Feb Orientation Leader

Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire


Isabella Martus’ 19

Major: Physics

Extracurriculars: Swing Dance Club, Running Club, Mountain Club

Hometown: London, England


Will DiGravio’ 19

Major: Political Science

Extracurriculars: The Campus, WRMC, Environmental Council

Hometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Grace Hwang’ 19.5

Major: Intended (Economics/Geography)

Extracurriculars: Organic Farm, EatReal

Hometown: Chicago, IL


Nathan Gee’ 18

Major: Economics and French

Extracurriculars: Resident Assistant, Peer Writing Tutor, 180 Degrees Consulting

Hometown: Norfolk, MA

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Ishrak Alam’ 18

Major: Political Science and English

Extracurriculars: Model UN, Wonnacott Resident Assistant, Commons Council

Hometown: Holtsville, NY