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Will Dowling ’18

Major: Political Science

Extracurriculars: Varsity Swimming, Environmental Council

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

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Ishrak Alam ’18

Major: Political Science and English

Extracurriculars: Model UN, Wonnacott Resident Assistant, Commons Council

Hometown: Holtsville, NY


Peter Dykeman-Bermingham’ 18.5, Chair

Major: Biochemistry

Extracurriculars: Stuck in the Middle, Atwater Suites CA, Procter Dining Hall

Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire


Daniel Buchman ’18.5,

Major: Economics

Extracurriculars: Debate Society, Language Tables, Hepburn Zoo

Hometown: New York City

Juan Andrade-Vera ’19

Major: Economics

Extracurriculars: Varsity Soccer, Netflix


Isabella Martus’ 19, Deputy Chair

Major: Physics

Extracurriculars: Swing Dance Club, Running Club, Mountain Club

Hometown: London, England

Jenna Flug ’19 (Currently Abroad)

Major: Undeclared



Farhan Haque ’20

Major: Undeclared

Extracurriculars: Student Investment Committee, MALT

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Elisa Gan ’20

Major: Environmental Economics (intended)

Extracurriculars: Swing Dance, Mountain Club, CTLR Tutor

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Kenshin Cho ’20

Major: Religion & Political Science

Extracurricular Activities: Calligraphy Club, Student Investment Club, Debate Society

Hometown: Tokyo

Neel Lakhanpal ’20

Major: Political Science (intended)

Extracurricular: Tour Guide, Q&A

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Philip Klinck ’20

Major: Undeclared

Extracurricular: Ski Patrol, Club Soccer

Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Mia Brosius ’20

Major: Math (intended)

Extracurriculars: Middlebury Foods, Student Investment Committee

Hometown: Raleigh, NC


Stephanie Jordan

Major: Comp Sci, Philosophy

Extracurriculars: WICs++, Mischords, Ultimate

Hometown: Northampton, MA


Isha Kothari ’21

Major: Undeclared

Extracurricular: Eat Real, Student Investment Club, Piano

Hometown: New York, NY

Reggie Narcisse ’21

Major: Undeclared


Hometown: New York, NY