T-shirts, CDs, and bumper stickers: all are common student org requests, and none can be funded outright by the Finance Committee.   Instead, we issue loans to clubs that intend to sell these items, repay the FC, and keep the profits.  Other items are funded through loans as well – if it’s not illegal and isn’t a common subject in ATF meetings, there’s a good chance we support it.

The process: contact the Head of Loans, currently Hannah Tiberend (htiberend@midd), and work out a loan agreement including a repayment deadline.  This loan form is to be filled out and signed in the Student Activities Office by two students who are willing to take on personal responsibility if the student organization defaults on payment – this document will be co-signed by the FC Chair or Head of Loans and kept on file.

Once the loan is repaid, the remainder of the proceeds can be put in a “gift” account for the club to use at their discretion.