Hello and Welcome!

Our job as a committee is to allocate every Middkid’s Student Activities Fee (SAF) to promote social, athletic, and academic activities on campus. In doing so, we distribute about $1,000,000 to nearly 200 student organizations every year. Our goal is to be a resource for your organization as the year unfolds and presents funding opportunities. Use the search tool at the top right of the page to search for specific student organizations, or feel free to browse and comment on some of our decisions.

We can’t stress enough: talk to us! Your idea won’t be realized unless you make the first step. Send us an email (sgafc@middlebury.edu) if you have any questions or schedule a meeting on our website. We are here to help you spend the SAF for the betterment of the student body.

Here is to a successful and productive 2014-2015, and we look forward to meeting all of you as the year progresses.

All the best,

Ilana Gratch ‘16.5             Olivia Aborn ‘15.5
SGA Treasurer                  SGA Finance Committee Chair

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