Annual Student Organization Review

All student organizations are reevaluated by the Student Organization Oversight Committee once every three years. The goal of this annual review is to enable the SGA to endorse thoughtful student programming with a positive impact on the college community.

Clubs under review by the SGA Student Organization Oversight Committee are required to submit a report to maintain their status as a registered student organization. Reviews ensure that student organizations are maintaining the standards established by Middlebury College, Student Activities, and the SGA Student Organization Oversight Committee. The SGA Student Organization Oversight Committee evaluates reports based on a student organization’s fulfillment of its mission, value to the community and fiscal management.

 Failure to complete the report or to receive a “satisfactory” status from the SGA Student Organization Oversight Committee will result in an immediate freeze of club funds and deactivation as a registered student organization.

Here’s what to include in the report:

General Information

  • Please List the Name of your Student Organization.
  • Please List your First and Last Name.
  • Please List your Position in the Club.
  • Please List your Email.
  • Please list the category of your student organization as listed in MiddLink.
  • Who are the member(s) that will act as the club’s leader(s) for this school year?

On-Campus Responsibility as a Student Org

  • How is your organization fulfilling its mission?
  • What are the goals of the group for this school year? (Please list at least two major activities this group plans to facilitate this school year)
  • What have been your organization’s most significant contributions to the campus community over the last three years?
  • What challenges does your organization face? How are you addressing those challenges?

 Financial Management

  • How has your organization demonstrated responsible fiscal management over the last three years?

Activity on MiddLink

  • How often does your org update MiddLink?
  • How does your org rely on MiddLink?
  • Are all of the active members of your club currently listed in your MiddLink roster?


  • Please work with your Executive Board to review, revise, and approve your constitution (using the process outlined within the constitution) and include the revised version in your summary.