Create A New Student Org

Student organizations can be started at any time between October and April (Deadlines Listed Below). If you are considering to create a new student organization, an important question to ask yourself as you follow this process is:

“What does this organization give/do for Middlebury College that no other organization does?”

 Listed below is an overview of the process you will need to follow:

  1. Download a copy of the Middlebury College student organization constitution template. This template includes some mandatory sections for your constitution.
  2. Download a copy of the Finance Committee proposed budget template. You will use this template when requesting funding from the SGA Finance Committee (SGAFC). Please note: the discretionary funds allotted for snacks and printing requirements for your org.
  3. Organize your first meeting of interested students. At the meeting, discuss the purpose of your organization and possible events and draft your constitution and your proposed budget.
  4. Find an adviser for your group from the full-time faculty or staff members of the College.
  5. Log into MiddLink (  Navigate to either the MiddLink home page and click on the box entitled “New Student Org Registration” or click on the “Organizations” tab at the top and then click on “Register a New Organization” (on the left).  You will need to include a proposed constitution, proposed events, tentative budget, and roster of interested students (typically a roster will include at least 10 students).
  6. Your submitted application will be reviewed by the SGA Student Organization Oversight Committee (SGASOOC) Chair.  If your organization seems viable, you will be invited via email to make a presentation for the SGSOOC. Please note: proposed community service and volunteer organizations will be directed to the Service Cluster board before meeting with the SGASOOC.
  7. Following your meeting, the SGASOOC will vote whether or not to approve your group. You will be notified of the SGASOOC’s decision via email.
  8. If approved, you will arrange to meet with Roman in Student Activities to finalize paperwork, receive training, and access resources.
  9. After meeting with Roman, arrange a meeting with the SGAFC. Meeting information may be found here on the SGAFC website. Please note: funding is not guaranteed from the SGA Finance Committee.

Please contact the Chair of the SGA Student Organization Oversight Committee at with any questions about this process.

New Student Org Deadlines

October 1st | 
Application submissions and review begin (Note: applications are accepted on a rolling basis)

between December 2nd and February 9th | 
The SGASOOC will be unable to review new student org applications

beginning April 1st |
The SGASOOCwill no longer take applications for the current school year