Back from a quick visit to the UK. I visited multiple schools (9?) in one week and will profiles those I saw in additional posts. The most important take-away for those considering graduate study in the UK is to do your research about the university and the program. There are many excellent opportunities available for students […]

For those thinking about applying for a British Scholarship (Churchill, Gates-Cambridge, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes) in the fall, here are some notes and suggestions to get you started: If you haven’t yet sent me a preliminary application, we should talk! I am around for much of the summer, but will be traveling too—so my ability to […]

Applications for nominations for the Rhodes and Marshall fellowships are due soon–Monday, September 7 by noon!  Important things to note: If possible, send application materials ELECTRONICALLY to . Word docs and pdf files are fine. If electronic delivery isn’t possible, you can bring me paper on Monday morning. If you are applying for nomination […]