Program Update from Fulbright: The Turkish Fulbright Commission is pleased to announce two awards in honor of the Commission’s 65th anniversary. These two Fulbright awards – one at the Master’s level, one at the Ph.D. – are open to students who wish to pursue a degree program at a Turkish university. More information on the […]

The first group of grant recipients were recently announced: . For those of you thinking about the Nat Geo Fulbright, in addition to the very helpful info and instructions on the Fulbright website, make sure you address the following in your project proposal: Feasibility of your project in each country proposed.  How will this work […]

If you’re thinking about an ETA in France, you should apply to BOTH the the Fulbright ETA and the French government Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF).  The Fulbright awards 6 ETAs to France; the general French Government TAPIF offers an additional 1,100 positions. To apply for both, you will need to make two separate […]

 Anyone considering an ETA to Taiwan–good news! The number of ETA  grants has been increased.  73 awards will be available for 2015-16. See for more info.

For those thinking about applying for a Fulbright grant in the fall, here are some notes and suggestions to get you started: If you haven’t yet sent me a preliminary application, we should talk! I am around for much of the summer, but will be traveling too—so my ability to respond to you may be […]

Here’s a reminder for folks interested in Fulbrights in the UK: The following universities have agreed to waive tuition fees for any incoming Fulbright students. This means that should one of your students be selected for a Fulbright award to attend one of our fee-waiver universities, they will not pay any tuition and will receive […] An interesting–and useful!–account of author Deanna Fei’s Fulbright year and how it led to the publication of her first novel!  Her advice to applicants is highly relevant whether you’re in the arts or another field.

Time:  4:30 pm Where: Library 201 If you’re thinking of applying for the Fulbright in the fall or are a sophomore and plan to be abroad next spring, come learn about the study, research and teaching opportunities as a Fulbright scholar or teaching assistant! One note on eligibility- you must be a US citizen and […]

UK Fulbright applicants: If applying for a PARTNERSHIP AWARD, make sure you mention that BOTH in the project essay AND list the partnership university in the university preferences section.

For those thinking about a Fulbright application for a one-year program at University of Edinburgh, here’s more info about the university: The University of Edinburgh was founded in the Scottish capital as one of the country’s ancient universities and has been providing outstanding educational opportunities to students from around the world for more than 400 […]