For those intending to apply for a Fulbright grant this fall, we need to revise our submission process for our August 18 “intent to apply” deadline. Here’s what we would like you to do:

Send the following to by end of day (midnight) on Aug 18:

  • Word attachment for your two essays (statement of grant purpose and personal essay; you can include both in a single word doc) and (if you can manage this) a single pdf of your application screens in section B. (To do this in Embark, you need to hit the preview button to open the page in Adobe and save to a pdf. Next combine these pdfs into a single pdf file in Adobe Acrobat or Preview. If you can’t combine, sending pdfs of the individual screens is fine. If you have trouble creating a pdf, try printing the page and save as a pdf through that process. And if you just can’t manage it, send the the essays as word docs at the very least!)
  • For the subject line, use “Fulbright Intent to Apply Materials”

For those candidates who do this by end of day (midnight) on August 18, we will order your transcript for you free of charge and provide feedback on your essays within approximately two weeks. We will send you a pdf scan of your official Middlebury transcript to upload to your Fulbright application before the internal deadline. 

You do not need to worry about letters of recommendation, language evaluations or affiliation letters for the Aug 18 deadline. If you do have your letter of affiliation and can attach a copy of it, that’s great, but not essential.

You can still apply through Middlebury if you miss the August 15 intent to apply deadline, however you will need to order your own transcript and we cannot guarantee essay feedback, though we will try.  All applications must be completed and submitted by Middlebury’s internal deadline of noon on Sept 19 to move forward with Fulbright submission process. Any questions, please email .

The EMGIP (Émigré Memorial German Internship Program) offers internship opportunities for Canadian and US students in the German parliament, the Bundestag. The internships are two months long and in positions matching the student’s interests and academic and professional experience. Application deadline is September 15, 2016 for internships in 2017.

Applicants should possess outstanding academic records and personal integrity, and should have some knowledge of the German legislative process. Participants should be advanced undergraduate or Master’s students in fields such as political science, international relations, law, history, economics or German. Students must be fluent in spoken German and possess excellent writing skills.

The successful applicant will receive a monthly salary of approximately €1,800 from the German Bundestag.

For more information, please visit:

On Thursday, July 28, summer researchers presented posters on topics ranging from a computational linguistics analysis of pop song lyrics to the biochemistry of oral pathogens.

Communications wrote a piece covering the event. Read the article.

Emily Mellen ’17, a psychology major, explains her research project during the summer symposium at Bicentennial Hall.

Summer is winding down (sigh), so now is a good time to check in on your application progress. If you’re thinking about applying for a Fulbright or Watson, you still can do so as as long as you meet the internal deadlines for those fellowship competitions (below). If you want feedback on your application projects or essays, Dean Lisa Gates is happy to talk or email with you. She will be out of the office the Aug 6-19, however, and unable to review materials during that time.

A few reminders for different fellowship competitions:

British (Rhodes, Marshall) and Mitchell:

  • If you are awaiting a nomination decision, please send a pdf copy of your draft application to by August 15. This is for applicant material only–no letters of recommendation are needed. This draft will be used to make nomination decisions.
  • For those who have secured nomination already, you need only submit a Marshall application (if applying) for feedback. You do not need to submit a Rhodes or Mitchell application at this time. The fellowships office would like a copy of your final Rhodes or Mitchell application in September, and application drafts will be needed by mid-September to assist with writing endorsement letters.
  • Gates-Cambridge is a direct-apply fellowship and does not require nomination by Middlebury. There are also funding opportunities available through universities in the UK. Some may be discipline-specific.


  • August 18 is our intent to apply deadline. If you submit your application draft in Embark by this date, the fellowships office will order your Middlebury transcript (free of charge), send it to you to upload and provide feedback on essays. Your application will be unsubmitted a few days after this deadline so that you may continue to work on it. (If you are applying through Middlebury, your submitted application comes to us, not to Fulbright.) No recommendations needed by this date. You can also decide not to move forward with your application after this date. Note: Applications can be started after this deadline, however you will need to obtain your own transcript and we may not be able to provide essay feedback, depending on the volume of applications.
  • September 19 at noon is our Fulbright internal application deadline: This is a hard deadline. Submit all components of your application. Essays must be polished with no grammatical or spelling errors. There will be very limited opportunities for revision after this date, generally in cases where there are observations made during the campus interview process that need attention. If you are having difficulty with some application components at this date (usually a late recommendation), submit the application and let Dean Gates know.
  • Alumni: you may apply through Middlebury or as an “At-Large” candidate. We encourage you to apply through Middlebury. If you do so, you will need to follow our internal processes and meet our internal deadlines. If you apply “At-Large,” you need only meet the Fulbright Oct 11 deadline. If you apply At-Large, please do keep us informed of your application and outcome. We receive no information about this from Fulbright.


  • September 13 noon is the internal application deadline: Email your nomination materials to as a single pdf.  Yes, this is right after the start of classes and it is a hard deadline. Late nomination applications will not be accepted.

You can find more info about specific fellowship competitions on this blog and at go/fellowships . Good luck with your applications!

Potential Fulbright applicants, please note the following program updates:

  • Turkey 2016-2017 ETA Program Suspended 
    • ETA applications for 2017-2018 are being accepted but it is uncertain whether the program will be restored for the 2017-18 academic year. 
  • Bangladesh 2017-2018 Program Suspended
    • No applications will be accepted
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