Internal deadlines are coming up! Details below:

Watson Fellowship: Middlebury’s application deadline is noon on Tuesday, 9/12/17. All students registered in the online Watson application system received an updated email with updated instructions on 9/8. Because of issues generated pdfs from the online system, the fellowships office will do that for you. However, you must email before noon on Tuesday, September 12, to confirm that your application is ready for download. You also need to complete the online fellowships waiver form, if you haven’t already. If you decide not to apply, please email us also to let us know we can withdraw you from the Watson application system.

Fulbright GrantsMiddlebury’s application deadline is noon on Wednesday, 9/13/17. You must SUBMIT your application through Embark by this date to apply through Middlebury. You also need to complete the online fellowships waiver form, if you haven’t already; alumni will need to use the word doc format of this form on the go/fellowships website. Here are some answers to common questions I am asked around this time:

  1. Alumni applicants can choose to apply through Middlebury or At Large. Middlebury seniors MUST apply through Middlebury. Anyone applying through Middlebury must adhere to our internal deadlines.
  2. When you submit your application in Embark and you are applying through Middlebury, your submitted application goes to the fellowships office. We will submit your application to Fulbright after adding material from the campus committee interview. Alumni, if you apply At Large, your submitted application goes directly to Fulbright.
  3. You will get an interview sign up sheet on Wednesday afternoon. You must sign up for an interview time by Friday 9/15 at noon. These interviews are brief and you will be given more information about it via email.
  4. You should submit a complete and polished application. If there are issues that need to be addressed in the essays and these are noted through the campus interview, we will return the application to you to make those changes.
  5. If letters of recommendation or language evaluations are late, these will be added to your application when they are submitted by the recommender/evaluator. Just let us know if this is the case. If your letter of affiliation is late, please be in touch with us about this, so you can add it when it arrives. Materials not submitted by 9/13 will likely not be available for the campus committee review; this does happen occasionally. All applications must be complete, however, by Oct 4.
  6. We endeavor to submit applications a day ahead of the national deadline.
  7. If you decide not to apply, we appreciate an email confirming that. Otherwise, we assume if you did not submit an application on 9/13 by noon that you are not proceeding with your Fulbright application.
  8. Everyone planning on applying through Middlebury should have an active application in the Embark online system by this date. Access to that is available through