Program – The Pew Leadership Year
The Pew Leadership Year offers hands-on experience in public policy advocacy, research and communications to individuals who are dedicated to building a leadership career in the public or nonprofit sectors and have recently completed an undergraduate or advanced degree.  The first Pew Leadership Year will begin in September 2010 and conclude in August 2011.

These year-long, paid positions (salary $40,000) – all based in our Washington, DC, office – will provide 22 exceptionally talented graduates the chance to work alongside Pew professionals, gaining valuable skills while making important contributions to our work.  Pew Leadership Fellows will learn and hone essential skills that will help them thrive not only during their tenure at Pew, but in any chosen career.

Participants will work with a diverse group of Pew staff in specific departments.  Through observation and involvement, each fellow will have the opportunity to work on critical issues, which may include: global conservation; U.S. land conservation; marine environmental advocacy; global warming and energy policy; federal banking regulations; financial reform; state fiscal issues; election initiatives; public safety; the healthy development of young children; and early childhood education.

Each program participant will focus on one discipline – advocacy/policy, research or communications – within one department – Pew Center on the States, Pew Economic Policy Group, Pew Environment Group or Pew Health Group.  While immersed in one area, participants will have ample exposure to other program areas and attend professional and leadership development seminars.
During their Pew Leadership year, Fellows will have a wide range of responsibilities, which may include:

•    Conduct original research and writing projects.
•    Collect, compile and analyze data.
•    Provide financial assistance to advocates and other leaders to educate policy makers and the public about the benefits of various programs.
•    Become immersed in the research, planning, strategy formulation and execution of a multi-state advocacy campaign.
•    Help prepare for press and other events and attend seminars, briefings or congressional hearings.
•    Assist in efforts to educate policy makers, coordinate work with coalition partners and create fact sheets and other materials.
•    Help create effective online presentations that promote various issues and campaigns.
•    Track legislation and relevant press coverage and research public officials’ records and statements.
•    Support a broad range of advocacy activities.

The Pew Leadership Year is open to individuals graduating with a bachelor or advanced degree from December 2009 through August 2010.  Individuals who studied the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply: economics, political science, environmental science, health science, communications, journalism or public policy.  An applicant must have the legal right to work in the United States at the time of applying to the program.

The criteria for assessment of applicants will include:

•    Evidence of superior academic achievement.
•    Demonstrated analytical skills through academic studies and/or work experience, including an ability to synthesize large amounts of information and focus quickly on the essence of an issue.
•    A strong commitment to producing measurable results.
•    Demonstrated leadership capabilities.
•    Excellent written and oral communications skills, including an ease in communicating complex concepts in a clear, effective manner for a general audience.
•    Demonstrated interest through academic study and/or prior full-time or part-time work experience in building a leadership career.
•    Demonstrated understanding of policy, research and organizational issues.
•    Ability to perform substantive research.
•    Results-oriented style with a focus on process and achievement.
•    Recognized ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of organization.
•    Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to develop and manage productive relationships with colleagues.

Application Process
Applications are available online in the Careers @ Pew / Pew Leadership Year section of Pew’s website at   We suggest you create a login ID and password, allowing for future access to edit your information.

Applications should be submitted no later than May 24, 2010.

A cover letter is not required.

School transcript and recommendation letters are required at the time of an office interview.

Essays:  In addition to the application questions, two essays are required.  Each essay should be no longer than 400 words.  Each should be a concise, well-written essay describing your academic studies and other relevant experiences and how each has prepared you to pursue a career in public policy or the nonprofit sector. The essays may include any notable coursework, research activities, participation in local, regional, or national volunteer activities, and work experience. Your essays should also provide information illustrating your leadership experience and ability to work independently as well as in teams.
Essay 1:
Explain your reasons for applying to Pew’s one-year leadership program and why you have chosen your areas of interest.   Include how your education and prior experiences make you well-qualified for the position.  What strengths and ideas do you bring to the role?
Essay 2:
Describe an experience that demonstrates your leadership abilities and qualities.  What was the objective of the effort, and what role did you play to encourage success?  In hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently?

Interview Process
You will be contacted in late May should you be selected for an interview.  The first round of interviews will be conducted by telephone.  We expect to invite finalist candidates to our Washington, DC, office for a last round of interviews in the first two weeks of June.  Arrangements may be made for a video-conference interview in lieu of an in-office interview.
Please note that applicants are responsible for any travel expenses.
Offers will be extended in late June/early July 2010.

Program Areas Hosting Pew Leadership Fellows
Pew Center on the States

Pew’s Center on the States (PCS) works to advance state policies that serve the public interest. PCS conducts credible research, brings together diverse perspectives, and analyzes states’ experiences to determine what works and what does not. We work with a wide variety of partners to identify and advance nonpartisan, pragmatic solutions for pressing problems affecting Americans.
–    Policy/Advocacy Positions – Children’s Campaign
–    Research Positions – State Fiscal Policy and Government Performance

Pew Economic Policy Group
Pew’s Economic Policy Group (PEPG) combines a belief in the importance of upward mobility and the power of the market economy. In this spirit, we promote policies and practices that strengthen and ensure the future competitiveness of the U.S. economy by cultivating new bipartisan coalitions, informing critical national debates and striving toward meaningful policy change.
–    Research Positions – Subsidyscope; Financial Reform

Pew Environment Group
The Pew Environment Group (PEG) is the conservation arm of The Pew Charitable Trusts and focuses primarily on addressing the problems of climate change, the preservation of large intact wilderness ecosystems, and the protection of the global marine environment.
–    Policy/Advocacy  Positions – Campaigns; Government and Field Operations
–    Communications Positions

Pew Health Group
The Pew Health Group (PHG) seeks to improve the health and well-being of all Americans.  Based on research and critical analysis, the program advocates policies that reduce unacceptable health risks, focusing on areas that include food, medical and consumer product safety.
–    Communications Positions – Web and Media
–    Policy/Advocacy Positions – Financial Security Portfolio

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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