Check out Caitlyn Olson’s (’09)  chronicle of her Fulbright year in Morocco:

From the blog:

Ahlan wa Sahlan, Welcome

Greetings all! It’s Caitlyn here, and, armed with not much more than that brand new liberal arts degree, beginning Arabic skills now two years rusty and a youthful zeal inclined to overlook any such limitations, I am currently spending fifteen months living and studying in Morocco. The initial six will be in the imperial city of Fez, where I’ll be burnishing my linguistic abilities at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF). Then, in February, I’ll move locations (most likely to Rabat or Tetouan) and shift my focus to an independent research project having generally to do with relations between Spain and Morocco during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s (see the first posting for details). I hope to use this blog to chronicle not only these academic endeavors but also — primarily — the ins and outs of daily life in Morocco.

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