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For those of you in the midst of writing and revising essays (or thinking about getting started–but no, that’s not you, right?), Joe Schall has made his guide to writing essays for graduate programs and fellowships available online. You can find it at . It’s free through Penn State’s e-Education Institute.  The online chapters […]

I want to give a plug for the Student Funding Database, if only because it deserves more attention than it probably gets. Perhaps it would help if it had a different name, like “Look Here for Money!” and an online equivalent of a flashing neon sign.  But don’t let the generic title fool you; the […]

Excellent letters of recommendation are critical for successful fellowship applications.  I can’t stress this enough; without strong letters, you will not win a fellowship or scholarship.  The readers of fellowship applications depend on these letters to give a fair evaluation of your achievement and your potential.  I once had a letter (another institution many years […]