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Boom goes the dynamite

Intellectual fireworks often go off at Middlebury. Generally, they are of the metaphorical variety: Two students are finishing off a marathon dinner and the conversation turns to the seminar they just attended. There, one student, for perhaps the third time … Continue reading

Away for the Holidays

Sarah’s “Thanks and Snow” post touched briefly upon what life is like for those of us that cannot (or choose not) to make it home for Thanksgiving. My four Thanksgivings might offer a reasonable opportunity for expansion. Freshman year: I … Continue reading

The J-Term Game!

With Winter Term registration come and gone, now is an ideal time to play one of my favorite games. Below are ten Winter Term courses. Five are real. Five are fake. I should preface this by noting that the J-Term … Continue reading

Pumping (relatively small amounts of) Iron

       When I’m feeling a little too big for my britches, I go to the gym. Of course, that works in two senses. The first doesn’t require explaining here. The second merits a little more attention. At Middlebury, … Continue reading

Round Tables/Long Tables

Say you head to the dining hall for lunch one afternoon with a group of friends. You grab your food, your drink, a few napkins (maybe you’re a messy eater–that’s OK), and then meet with your friends again to grab … Continue reading

How Zach got his groove back

Coming back from a full year abroad, I pictured my first few weeks at Middlebury as a disheartening series of handshakes and reintroductions–something along the lines of “Hi, I’m Zach, I used to be your friend before I went away … Continue reading