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Sun’s Out Guns Out

It’s springtime in Vermont which means as soon as the mercury hits 60° I refuse to wear anything other than tanktops. That is not actually true, but it is pretty close to true. A product of dealing  New England weather is that … Continue reading

Jimmy Wong

Every once in a while a Middlebury graduate becomes at least a little famous. This fall it was ’10 graduate Cassidy Boyd, who danced in Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” video (leopard print onesie on the left at the … Continue reading

That Was Easy

Aside from opening your school mailbox without looking like a total nerd, unlocking a door without revealing your key-card is perhaps the most essential MiddColl skill. Show up on your first day of orientation with these tricks in-pocket and wow that cute accepted student you met … Continue reading

Middlebury Winter Carnival

You’ve been to a carnival before right? performers and ferris wheels and fortune tellers and machines that turn you into grown ups? None of those things have anything to do with our Middlebury’s Winter Carnival. Middlebury Carnival—which an email I just received tells me is in … Continue reading

It’s Close to Middnight.

So it’s finals week, which is usually pretty close to the apocalypse, but I had most of my big papers due the week before Thanksgiving so I am sliding into home from about 3/4 of the way out, which is … Continue reading

All I do is win.

Our fall teams are dominant: Men’s soccer, Women’s Volleyball and both Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country were NESCAC champions this fall. All four, along with the Field hockey team advanced into NCAA tournament play last weekend. Volleyball finished with a record of 25-6 and was one … Continue reading

Kan”Ye” Term

11/01/10 – 11/07/10. HUGE week. Not only is candy the cheapest because Halloween was Sunday, but this week Middlebury college students choose our J-Term classes. J-Term? don’t you mean Kan”Ye” Term? HOW DID YOU GUESS? Here at Middlebury College we … Continue reading